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How about a joke of the day while I am on duty now to make things happier.

Here’s a super COLD joke that I guess most won’t laugh that I heard/saw from the drama, A Tale of 2 Cities!
Here goes:
It goes something like this…

A white cat fell into the river.
A black cat walk pass and saved the white cat…

Make a guess!

What did the black cat say to the white cat after it saved the white cat up from the river???!

1) You are damn heavy!
2) You are so cute!
3) Be careful next time
4) Hello whats your name?

So whats your answer?

Think first!
The answer is below!


Aiya, which ever answer you choose, it is wrong as all of them are not the answers. The options were added by me to entertain you all. Hahahahahaha!!!

The answer is…

The black cat said this to the white cat…

Black Cat: MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Got the COLD COLD COLD joke????!

Happy Day to all! =]


Its just something random that happened today! Its not exactly that funny but I thought it is so ironic and interesting.

I was sleeping as usual till the late afternoon (Power sleep)
and Cousie called asking if baby and I are free as Ben has bought an extra set of movie tickets by mistake when he ordered online.

After some probing…

Me: What movie is it?
Ning: No Strings Attached!
Me: Hahaha, I just watched it last night with baby.
Ning: Ahhhh den nvm…

What a coincidence!!!
Heh!!! =]

Anyway, the movie was ‘okay’ as it wasn’t exactly those “WOW” very very nice of movie. I agree with baby that the plot was predictable but still, it is watchable as I have seen even worse movies. The love/romantic/sexual scenes could have been more as it was just more of a story telling kind of feeling… The feel could have been stronger with a better plot, explaining the inner feelings between the two protagonists. As the movie was flagged at M18, with sexual references, I feel that there could be more as it can easily be flagged at NC16 these days…

However, there were some funny moments in the movie that were funny!!!
Overall, it is an alright movie that is passable. I can only say that the poster was very well done as it indeed make me want to watch the movie but the movie certainly could have been better to live up to its “poster” hype and interest that it has sparked onto viewers.

Happy Day to all!!! =]

I was browsing through my blog some time back and I saw this long forgotten joke. Hence, I thought I am gonna repost this to share and read for fun!!! *LAUGHS*

(Credits to Elijah, taken from his blog, lol)  

Guy: Yes! At Last. It was so hard to wait and I’ve been wishing for it all these while..
Girl: Do you want me to leave?
Guy: NO! Don’t even think about it.
Girl: Do you love me?
Guy: Of course! Over and over!
Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?
Guy: NO! Why are you even asking?
Girl: Will you kiss me?
Guy: Every chance I get!
Girl: Will you hit me?
Guy: Huh?! Are you crazy? I’m not that kind of person!
Girl: Can I trust you?
Guy: Yes…
Girl: Darling~Lol..

Reading it from the top to the bottom seems alright.
How about reading it from bottom to top then.

Funny eh…
Happy Day to all!!! =]

AND…… Here I am having loads and lots and tons of random stuff that I want to say but I don’t think I can remember all at one go though. I will just try to pour everything out.

As everyone knows, I like to shop BUT its getting a bit out of hand sometimes.
Nowadays, I will buy stuff after I enter a particular shop when my motive is just to windowshop!
Just the other day, I went for nights out with my bunkmates and we went to shop around and my bunkmate Timo suggested to enter this shop and my first reaction was, “huh, don’t want lah”…

One second later…

I said, “aiya ok la just go in see for a while.”
Then, all of us went in and I tried on some clothes and in the end…

OBVIOUSLY, I bought 2 t-shirts for S$40.00!!! Oh my gosh! I wanna save money already, I have been spending a lot these few months, buying psp, clothes, etc.
What makes it worse is after that, I bought a cover/pouch for my iTouch and it costs S$15, which is very expensive but I like it so… well… AND it is the same design as that of my bed buddy!!! lol! =)

After I book out this past friday, I went to meet Chao to sing k since he is off that day. I have never been to the party world at the civics centre but due to time constraint and convenience, we went there instead. There is a promotion for weekdays for members and we only paid S$10.35 each for singing 4 hours. Its damn worth it!!! (I am not being auntie here huh, just analysing a bit Haha!!!)

Anyway, when we first entered the room, I thought “WOW”…
BECAUSE, I have never sang a song at a place whereby the windowed area has no curtain and the sun is shining brightly into the room. It really spoils the atmosphere los!
It woiuld be something “refreshing” too, but in the end, we changed to another room which is “normal” (the normal dark dark ktv rooms) due to the karaoke system having some technical faults at the previous room.
When we arrived at the new room, we realised the system says that we can sing for 5 hours plus and thought that they made a mistake but after a while, they edited the system and switched it back to 4 hours. *BOO*

Few weeks back, I received a call from new york skin solutions telling me that I still have a few appointments left for my previous package. Its been a long time since I went there… I actually spent so much there the last time (Poly days)… I guess I will just finish up the remaining package and not renew! =)

This is totally random but I thought this is super funny! I was at NTUC with Chao last saturday night after having supper with him and he saw this cup/bowl instant noodles that says, “PLASTIC PORK INCLUDED” and he gives a “HUHHHHHHHH!!!” kind of reaction and its damn funny because after that, we realised that he read wrongly. Its just simply, ” PLASTIC FORK INCLUDED”. (Chey!)

Recently, I have this idea of selling some of my unwanted stuff/second hand stuff at a flea market near my area as they have it every 4th sunday of the month so I thought I could use that as a chance to clear my things as well as earn some money. I am still in the midst of planning (though I say plan, but I have not done anything yet lol) as I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I have been saying this to Chao too many times already!!! Hahax.

I am also starting to plan for my birthday celebrations this year and this has to be the first time I really celebrate my birthday (except for 21st birthday last year) as I have not celebrated my birthday officially, as in invite people all these before I was 21, not that I can remember of… Usually, we would just exchange presents as the birthday of the three of us (Ning, Chao and me) is just one week after another. This year, we will be planning something to celebrate for each other. It will be a small scale event though. =)
We are planning to have a co-birthday chalet next year and I feel that this idea is damn COOL! Haha.
Anyway, I doubt I will be celebrating my birthday this year bahx. Most properly, I will just meet up with baby, Ning, Chao, (perhaps small sis? Will you be free?) etc for a mini gathering and others depending on whether they want to celebrate with me lo… =)


Although I have lost my feel (slightly) for clubbing but I am going CLUBBING this coming week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ning suggested that all of a sudden and this is CRAZY la but we will be going there together this week with Chao and perhaps JiaJu (Hope he can join us!)?

Also, so happy that my crew buddy Zuoshen is finally back from his long long long holiday!!! Miss his presence in camp! I have not seen him for like ‘years’… lol. I tend to miss a person these days easily when they go for holidays or go away for a long time…
I wanna go for a holiday soon too! Perhaps a ORD holiday is good, planning to be done soon but I will just go with the flow as I am not good at planning these things since I am not very experienced. =) 
I met up with baby to celebrate valentine’s day as well… But I typed this entry on 13th Feb and scheduled it to be posted today so, I do not know what we did yet Haha!!! Hopefully I will still carry on with the Postaweek/Postaday thing! (Because I know I will feel sian of blogging after a while… If you check my posts last time, there will be a space in between at times where I did not blog at all. Then, I will sudddenly blog for no reason for a period. Hence, I am trying to make this more consistent so that this blog does not “SeiGor” lol.

Wow! It feels great to pour all these random stuff that I want to say. I shall go and rest now.
Happy Day to all!!! =]