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I reckon since I have nothing to do noe and is not sleepy stil, though I should be after two days of duty lol!

I just finished my final duty! It’s a good and not good thing but ord is imminent and I am so excited! Gotta start work and earn some cash to spend, Haha! Duty over means more days in unit? Perhaps I should slowly clear my off when it is appropriate. Maybe I should go for a holiday as well to clear my leave? I dunno… Low in cash so gotta work n work! LOL!

Sometimes it’s frustrating that you are trying to get over certain issues yet it keeps coming back to you again and again yet there is nothing you can do about it, I just hope that everything will be fine soon and all of us can be happy with the current status, at least that is what I hope for now… Although it is a bit weird and difficult to adjust as people will start to know and for people who do not know, it might be a bit awkward when they are teasing and not sure how I should react to it as well! I wun say that everyone really cares but even if no one does, at least I should try to feel more comfortable even if u feel uneasy, time will make everything ok and probably make things better and hopefully we will be able to work out fine in our new status, at least for now.

As for the other stuff, I can only say that certain things once complicated and changed, it may be difficult to change but me being me, the stubborn Aries that I am, I have tried and if it means that it has to stay status quo, there’s nothing I can do, so I can only just let time make the decision that if it’s meant that it has to be this way den I cannot do anything about it.

This is the case for relationship and friendship!

Enough of my rantings… Haha!
Just try to restore and stay positive and not think too much, things will get better and one will definitely get better as long as they are not easily reminded of the things that they do not wish to be reminded of unless they can be resolved in a way that they deem fit.

Happy Day to all! 🙂