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Posted: June 8, 2011 in Funny, Photo, Random
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Whoa what a beam! So bright, could it be a magic or thunderbolt in the works! -.-


Enough of the boliao-ness…

I guess it’s been a long time since I go to exercise, so…

I should start training a bit, perhaps go for a swim? Or a jog?

Who knows!
Happy Day to All! ūüôā


I reckon since I have nothing to do noe and is not sleepy stil, though I should be after two days of duty lol!

I just finished my final duty! It’s a good and not good thing but ord is imminent and I am so excited! Gotta start work and earn some cash to spend, Haha! Duty over means more days in unit? Perhaps I should slowly clear my off when it is appropriate. Maybe I should go for a holiday as well to clear my leave? I dunno… Low in cash so gotta work n work! LOL!

Sometimes it’s frustrating that you are trying to get over certain issues yet it keeps coming back to you again and again yet there is nothing you can do about it, I just hope that everything will be fine soon and all of us can be happy with the current status, at least that is what I hope for now… Although it is a bit weird and difficult to adjust as people will start to know and for people who do not know, it might be a bit awkward when they are teasing and not sure how I should react to it as well! I wun say that everyone really cares but even if no one does, at least I should try to feel more comfortable even if u feel uneasy, time will make everything ok and probably make things better and hopefully we will be able to work out fine in our new status, at least for now.

As for the other stuff, I can only say that certain things once complicated and changed, it may be difficult to change but me being me, the stubborn Aries that I am, I have tried and if it means that it has to stay status quo, there’s nothing I can do, so I can only just let time make the decision that if it’s meant that it has to be this way den I cannot do anything about it.

This is the case for relationship and friendship!

Enough of my rantings… Haha!
Just try to restore and stay positive and not think too much, things will get better and one will definitely get better as long as they are not easily reminded of the things that they do not wish to be reminded of unless they can be resolved in a way that they deem fit.

Happy Day to all! ūüôā


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Life these few days has been pretty free and boring as I have had a few days of free time of my own. It’s been a long time since I have had so much “ME” time…

It’s me who asked for it and I got it so I cannot complain about anything as I should just get used to this so called new found freedom, although nothing much had changed because I will be back to work again in no time, which means no rest time again.

Did not manage to do much stuff these few days, only that I went out with cousie one of the days and I bought this bag which cost more than $100, goodness, it’s so ex! LOL!

I thought it was $89.90 initially and contemplated buying both colour but in the end, I only got the colour that I like after u realised that it costs almost $130! Its a nice bag but being blue, my favourite colour, it is a bit difficult to match… Oh wells, but I wouldn’t have purchases the brown because it’s easier to match because I was attracted to the blue bag immediately I saw it when I was standing outside the shop.

I just pretty much stayed home for the past two days and just wanted to rest and not do anything and perhaps emo, ad too many things have been happening and making feel a bit screwed up.

It made me realise that people that you care about does not necessarily will favour you at times and will just support the other party and make it seem like it is always your fault for feeling a certain way, if not better, people font even care or simply do not wish or knows what to do. Put simply, there us nothing that can be done to remedy, unless someone takes the first step.

As for the rest, I guess repeatedly saying and arguing over the same topic over and over again hurts, maybe it’s best for us to cool down and if you think you are that much better and that it’s my loss, I respect that because it’s partly my fault, but no one can seriously predict what’s gonna come off of a relationship, only time will tell everything.

Right now, I am not gonna think much, be it relationship, friendship… I am gonna just relax and see how it goes because not everyone cares about you and will side with you and it’s best that you just not think too much and think more about what you really want…

I just need to cool down and sort out everything, and although I am confused and do not know who will be there for me at this moment, I am sure I will be able to overcome everything. Like j say, time will heal everything and I will be back to who I am, the positive and decisive me that is confident of the things that I do and decisions that o make.

Enough of the rantings, I guess I am ŤĮ≠śó†šľ¶ś¨°-ing LOL! Just wanna type something since I have not blogged for a long time.

Happy day to all! ūüôā

Here is my predictions for WWE Wrestlemania this year…
Although the final card may not have been updated fully, I shall still go ahead with my predictions.

No Holds Barred Match With ‚ÄúThe Streak‚ÄĚ On The Line
The Undertaker vs. Triple H
I have read in wrestling sites that they are still considering whether to¬†have this match as the main event or Cena vs Miz… Personally, I would prefer this match to headline Wrestlemania. I feel that this match has a more MAIN EVENT feeling to it as we would sure to expect many finishing moves executed and kicked out¬†from both superstars, just like how it was done in previous years, to make for an even more exciting match. Look¬†to see kickouts from Pedigrees and Tombstone Piledrivers. This will be a added element¬†that would make this match suitable ti headline the event.

However, with¬†The Rock as the¬†guest host of Wrestlemania, I guess that¬†he would be starting the show and be involved in the Cena and Miz match… It has been rumoured that Rock may actually wrestle in the event against both The Miz and John Cena separately. Hence, its quite difficult to say how the three superstars’ involvement in the show will play out.

Another catch to the Undertaker vs Triple H match is the involvement of the showstopper, Mr Wrestlemania, HBK Shawn Michaels.¬†It is most likely that he will either be at ringside or somehow be involved in the match,given his interference on RAW, participating in the debate. Hence, I won’t be surprise to actually see him appear in some form¬†another or even interfere in the matchup since its a no holds barred match¬†but I don’t see him costing¬†either party their match as the finish will be done by the superstars themselves (although a sweet chin music to them would make the¬† match more interesting). I would rather go for a¬†memorable match displayed by both superstars.

Another point to make would be that The Undertaker’s streak will be at stake as usual. This would¬†made for an added excitement and watch-point for the match. Though it has not been acknowledged that The Undertaker and Triple H has faced each other at Wrestlemania 17 before, I feel that their match still¬†could arouse the interest of the¬†WWE universe since the match took place ten years ago and the fans from the younger generation may not have seen the match.

With that said, I would have to go with Undertaker to come off with a win. Reason is simple, The Undertaker¬†has defeated Triple H before at Mania and he will pull it off again ashe is the Phenom. The Streak would not be risked at this¬†stage as Triple H does not need to end the streak to helphim advance in his career¬†at this point. Thus, I don’t see Undertaker get his legacy broken.

Winner: The Undertaker  

WWE Championship Match
The Miz (c) vs. John Cena
The Rock’s involvement in this match would surely add excitement to what seem to be a rematch and revisits to the feud between Cena and Miz, which would make the match seem uninteresting. Since the Rock’s return and controversy with the two of them, interest in this match has risen and anticipation to what this three man will bring to the table has been brought to a whoe new level.

Look to see Alex Riley be involved in the match in some small capacity, as The Rock will be a key player in this match. If this match is even going to happen at all, without The Rock wrestling, the winner¬†would be tough to choose…
What would be seem more than obvious would be Cena having his usual fan reaction of “Let’s go Cena, Cena suck” thing…

With an ambiguous feel and not knowing what may happen between these 3 man, it sure is exciting to lookforward to Wrestlemania this year.

Winner: This one is tough but I willgo with The Miz prevailing and leaving mania still The WWE Champion. He needs the championship to assure his credibility more than Cena does.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio
This is another match that will be interesting, especially witht he return of Christian and how he will play a part in this match. As with the majority of the Royal Rumble winners winning their Mania matches to become world champions, it could have been Alberto Del Rio’s night but Christian’s involvement could go either way. It has been speculated that Christian could turn heel and cost Edge the championship and the three couldgo into a feud for the championship after Mania…

However, plans are always changed at the last minute and Christian couls be at Edge’s side still, but help him to fend off Ricardo Rodriguez. Since Alberto won the Rumble match and has not held the world championship, I will have to go with him capturing the gold at Mania.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk
There has been a added element between these two in the past few weeks with Nexus members angle playing out, as to whether they can be at ringside with Punk but all of them failed to defeat Randy and thus, this match will be a singles match with no outside interference from Nexus.

I reckon this matchwould be a exciting one with good back and forth and a good story behind to back it up.
However, the anticipation for this match has lost some steam in my opinion, given many more matches in the card that looks far more exciting and hence, they may have to work doubly hard in the match to make it a classic to capture the WWE Universe’s attention and cover the excitementof the other matches.

Winner: Randy Orton, I will have to go for the babyface in this one.

Special Guest Referee: ‚ÄúStone Cold‚ÄĚ Steve Austin
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole
(Michael Cole’s trainer Jack Swagger will be in his corner.)

This one would be a fun match to watch!!!
Look foward to seeing Swagger get stunner-ed by Austin and some payback on Cole. There is a slight possibility that Cole might pull the upset with the babyfaces getting their revenge afterwards… BUT, this feud has been built so big that the blowup to it should be a happy ending, especially with Stone Cold as the special referee, there’s no chance of Cole winning. I will have to go with the babyfaces and fan favourite getting the win here.

Winner: Jerry Lawler

6-Person Mixed Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus, Snooki & John Morrison vs. LayCool & Dolph Ziggler
This would definitely be a entertaining and fun match, with Vickie around as well as the return of the seven time women’s champion Trish Stratus. I don’t see why Morrison and Ziggler should be in this match as they seem more of the sidekick to the ladies here as they are clearly the highlights in this match, especially with Snooki there.

I would rather they have Morrison face ziggler in a singles matchup.
With Finlay seemingly released from WWE, the divas’ wrestling and arrangements could very well affected but planning and practice could lead to a good match displayed with divas such as Trish and Laycool to pull off the wrestling part of the match for the divas, since Vickie and Snooki and not really wrestlers…
I guess the ending would have to be Laycool getting their comeuppance after laying out Trish a few weeks back and Trish hitting them with her movesets and finishers, and Snooki getting the pin on Vickie or one of the Laycool members. The lost could be played out after Mania leading tot he breakup of Laycool that was hinted before Mania and the setting up of this match. I will have to go with the babyfaces for this one definitely after so much wins on them from the HEEL side. (It would be good if Lita/Kelly Kelly could be in this match as well, perhaps in Trish’s corner to counter off Vickie.

Winner: Trish Stratus, Snooki & John Morrison

WWE United States Title Match
Sheamus (c) vs. Daniel Bryan
This match should be a good display of moves to perk the WWE Universe up and get them ready for subsequent big matches. Daniel Bryan’s matches are always exciting to watch, given his agility and wrestling skills. Hopefully his girlfriend, Gail Kim would be in his corner. =)

With Sheamus getting the championship just recently, I don’t see him losing it back to Daniel Bryan… And they are slowly packaging Sheamus’ character back on track after losing it for a while and jobbing to other for a few weeks.

Winner: Sheamus 

8-Man Tag Team Match
Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Santino Marella, Vladamir Kozlov, Big Show and Kane

This match will be a match that could be more of a filler spot but if it were to be done as a elimination style, it would definitely be more interesting. It was originally planned to be Christian and Kofi Kingston in Santino andKozlov’s spots but Christian has since been moved to the Worls Championship angle. It was said that Santino has always been good in the roles given to him and garnered good reactions as wanted, a Wrestlemania match for him would be his reward.

This leaves Kofi Kingston hanging with no matches in the event. It was rumoured that there could be a last minute addition of Kofi vs Drew Mcintyre but I would prefer it if they had this match including Morrison and Ziggler in a 4-way match to determine the number 1 contender for the WWE/World championship, since they scrapped the idea of the Money in the Bank this year for Mania.  

Winner: The Corre

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
This match could very well be the opener with Mysterio as the hot superstar to bring up the atmosphere of the PPV! The United States championship could be the opener as well though…
This storyline has been progressing wellfor a few weeks and Cody has been threateningt to remove Mysterio’s mask…

I guess that Rey will pull off this one, gaining a victory after all the things that Cody has done to him. He should have his revenge at Mania.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Other Note
It has been rumoured some time back that there couls be another Divas match as well, but nothing has been announced yet. A Battle Royal or sort could be injected to include all the divas in the matchup if there is a match or a last minute Divas Championship match would be nice as¬†well. Perhaps Awesome Kong could¬†make her debut earlier than the rumoured April and destroy the divas and make an impact at Mania and perhaps setup a feud with The Glamazon, Beth phoenix…

It is also rumoured that Jim Ross could be announcing the Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole match and The Undertaker vs Triple H match. =) 

Thats all for my predictions for WWE Wrestlemania!
Feel free to share your feedback or your own version of predictions for Mania.
I can’t wait for Sunday!

Till then, Happy Day to all!!! =)

It seems that I have not updated my blog for quite some time now…
Somehow, I don’t really have the feel to do so. LOL!

I guess I will have to just delete away the Postaweek2011 thing as its quite hard to maintain since I seldom blog these days. Hahahahahaha!
Life has been alright and it has its ups and downs but generally, it has been good as everything has been going smoothly,apart from some quarrels and disputes here and there. It has since been resolved though…
Its hard to maintain friendships, much less make it maintain the way you want it to be like how it used to be…
I guess thats life…

Anyway, I am so excited for this coming week as every year around this time, I get to celebrate my DAY, as well as get the Wrestlemania mood as it always fallaround the same time. Hurrays!

Look to see/catch my WWE Wrestlemania predictions coming up soon!

Happy Day to all!

How about a joke of the day while I am on duty now to make things happier.

Here’s a super COLD joke that I guess most won’t laugh that I heard/saw from the drama, A Tale of 2 Cities!
Here goes:
It goes something like this…

A white cat fell into the river.
A black cat walk pass and saved the white cat…

Make a guess!

What did the black cat say to the white cat after it saved the white cat up from the river???!

1) You are damn heavy!
2) You are so cute!
3) Be careful next time
4) Hello whats your name?

So whats your answer?

Think first!
The answer is below!


Aiya, which ever answer you choose, it is wrong as all of them are not the answers. The options were added by me to entertain you all. Hahahahahaha!!!

The answer is…

The black cat said this to the white cat…

Black Cat: MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Got the COLD COLD COLD joke????!

Happy Day to all! =]

Well, its been quite some time since I last blogged and I have been lacking motivation to blog. I guess the only reason I am blogging here is because of the Postaweek2011 thing that I want to complete Hahahahaha.
Anyway, its been a ok period for me though work has been busy.

I am looking forward to ORD in half a year’s time and its great!
Its funny how opportunities keep coming when you are not free to take them up and none when you are extremely free. I always feel that opportunities are meant for those who are prepared and ready for it. Hence, if opportunity knocks on you not once but twice, its a hint that you have to accept it as it could lead to something better.

Anyway, I am still considering whether or not to do braces?!
Its damn expensive but I guess I will make a decisio n on that after I go for my dental checlup this coming month.

Well, perhaps I may be going on a holiday soon?
I don’t know…
I just went on a holiday spree like a few months back and it seems¬†a bit too soon to go for another one as I am low on budget given that I want to do and buy so much stuff…
I shall think again!

Since I have made this decision, I shall stick to it and hoprfully everything will turn out better this time round and I look forward to the results even though I guess its gonna be a minute one… lol.

I have also pondered about my studies as I have more or less decided on what I want to study…
I have also decided to change to another phone next month when my contract expires as I do not want to change to HTC Touch 2 anymore. I will still be getting a phone from HTC though, most likely HTC Wildfire… I am still considering…

Many things seem to have happened but all is alright and I am feeling great and ready for all the thingsand opportunities to come. Although its indeed tiring during work these days but motivation that I get from reminding myself that I am nearing my ORD date spurs me on…

I am also excited in terms of entertainment as I look forward to Charmaine Sheh’s new drama as the female version of the Ah Wang, as well as the upcoming Wrestlemania in a month’s time. I am always excited about wrestlemania as its a great event to look forward to for all wrestling fans.

I seriously think that I should change my bad habit of impulsive shopping as I tend to but things on impulsive after I windowshopped… Though some of the things that I bought I still got use wan la… hahahaha.

Alright, hopefully everything goes well for me next week and bring about more success!
Character change in progress! Hahaha!

1) Less shy (which is difficult as this is how I am)
2)Secret, revealed in 3 weeks time although I don;t know if it will be a success…
    I shall experiment it next week hahaha.

Alright, I have blabbered a lot of things that I should and shouldn’t say lol.
Good night!!! =]
Happy Day to all.