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How about a joke of the day while I am on duty now to make things happier.

Here’s a super COLD joke that I guess most won’t laugh that I heard/saw from the drama, A Tale of 2 Cities!
Here goes:
It goes something like this…

A white cat fell into the river.
A black cat walk pass and saved the white cat…

Make a guess!

What did the black cat say to the white cat after it saved the white cat up from the river???!

1) You are damn heavy!
2) You are so cute!
3) Be careful next time
4) Hello whats your name?

So whats your answer?

Think first!
The answer is below!


Aiya, which ever answer you choose, it is wrong as all of them are not the answers. The options were added by me to entertain you all. Hahahahahaha!!!

The answer is…

The black cat said this to the white cat…

Black Cat: MEOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Got the COLD COLD COLD joke????!

Happy Day to all! =]


Its time for me to blog about my first clubbing experience about a week or so back!
Its gonna be a super long post. Its been a long time (few years back???) since I typed a long post so do bear with me…
I thought of doing a slideshow to save time but in the end I decided… Heck it, I am just going to blog about it since its the 1st time experience!

I went “clubbing” for the 1st time with Cousie and Chao, yup, just the 3 of us as cousie is interested to go…
Its the 1st time for cousie and I but Chao have been there a few times.
We really braved through many many obstacles before we can go there in the end.

1) Cousie busy
2) Baby busy, as we wanted to go together with her as well
3) Cousie unwell/cannot go
4) Etc…

The list goes on and on…


We still made it to clubbing in the end



So, my 1st clubbing experience… NOT!!!

Because the worse has yet to come!!!
My cousie didn’t know that she needs to bring her IC out! Tsk…
Her IC is with her mum and the person at the club only allows those with ICs to enter… =(

So, she decided to go home and we wanted to change place but in the end, she went home…
Chao and I went in and I had no feel at all!!!
I guess two guys dancing with no mood and bad songs is a no no!!!
AND I am not high too as I have not drank any alcohol yet so HOW TO DANCE!!!

We decided to get cousie back as she missed the last train too.
We went to the one of the pubs there to chill…
Chao being Chao, really wanted to go in and dance a bit so he went there alone for like 20 minutes in between… -_-”’

We had a great time using our Hp there, using the Wifi at the pub.
Its really an epic moment, whereby three of us were using the phone together at one moment.
Damn funny that scene!

Anyway, we drank vodka sprite, which is very very bland and diluted!!!
I got a bit high towards the end as you will see from the photos later that my face became very very red like “Ang Ku Kuey”… lol.
But then again… my face and neck and ear area will get red very easily once I take alcohol so…

Take a look at the pictures/photos taken below:
My hp camera not good, hence the blurredphotos…

                                                           Picture of the place!

                                                                   Nice Atmosphere to chill!

                                                  Looks like crystal eh… Its ice la!!! Haha!


                                                                     Not nice, Take again! Tsk!

                                                                                On our way back…

                                                The ultimate “highness”… Both of us very high… Reach peak!

Towards the end, all of us were quite high! Cousie and I were laughing non-stop…
She keep hitting me la.
Chao was like half walking half dancing…
Super got mood to dance even while walking…
Thats when all of us wanted to dance but…
Oh well!!!

This is totally random but before we reach back home, we were super super hungry.
Hence, we had supper at the coffee shop!
There were not many choices asmost of the stalls were closed at around 4am…


I ate fishball noodles for lunch and dinner and supper that day!!!
Haha!!! I had cravings for that the entire day. =)

Technically, I have been to clubbing once but maybe not so totally, as I only entered for a while…
So, I am looking forward to the next one with more people.
Hope Baby, JJ, etc can make it the next time round. =]

Happy Day to all!!!

Its just something random that happened today! Its not exactly that funny but I thought it is so ironic and interesting.

I was sleeping as usual till the late afternoon (Power sleep)
and Cousie called asking if baby and I are free as Ben has bought an extra set of movie tickets by mistake when he ordered online.

After some probing…

Me: What movie is it?
Ning: No Strings Attached!
Me: Hahaha, I just watched it last night with baby.
Ning: Ahhhh den nvm…

What a coincidence!!!
Heh!!! =]

Anyway, the movie was ‘okay’ as it wasn’t exactly those “WOW” very very nice of movie. I agree with baby that the plot was predictable but still, it is watchable as I have seen even worse movies. The love/romantic/sexual scenes could have been more as it was just more of a story telling kind of feeling… The feel could have been stronger with a better plot, explaining the inner feelings between the two protagonists. As the movie was flagged at M18, with sexual references, I feel that there could be more as it can easily be flagged at NC16 these days…

However, there were some funny moments in the movie that were funny!!!
Overall, it is an alright movie that is passable. I can only say that the poster was very well done as it indeed make me want to watch the movie but the movie certainly could have been better to live up to its “poster” hype and interest that it has sparked onto viewers.

Happy Day to all!!! =]