Another update!

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Friendship, Random, Wrestling, WWE
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It seems that I have not updated my blog for quite some time now…
Somehow, I don’t really have the feel to do so. LOL!

I guess I will have to just delete away the Postaweek2011 thing as its quite hard to maintain since I seldom blog these days. Hahahahahaha!
Life has been alright and it has its ups and downs but generally, it has been good as everything has been going smoothly,apart from some quarrels and disputes here and there. It has since been resolved though…
Its hard to maintain friendships, much less make it maintain the way you want it to be like how it used to be…
I guess thats life…

Anyway, I am so excited for this coming week as every year around this time, I get to celebrate my DAY, as well as get the Wrestlemania mood as it always fallaround the same time. Hurrays!

Look to see/catch my WWE Wrestlemania predictions coming up soon!

Happy Day to all!


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