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Its just something random that happened today! Its not exactly that funny but I thought it is so ironic and interesting.

I was sleeping as usual till the late afternoon (Power sleep)
and Cousie called asking if baby and I are free as Ben has bought an extra set of movie tickets by mistake when he ordered online.

After some probing…

Me: What movie is it?
Ning: No Strings Attached!
Me: Hahaha, I just watched it last night with baby.
Ning: Ahhhh den nvm…

What a coincidence!!!
Heh!!! =]

Anyway, the movie was ‘okay’ as it wasn’t exactly those “WOW” very very nice of movie. I agree with baby that the plot was predictable but still, it is watchable as I have seen even worse movies. The love/romantic/sexual scenes could have been more as it was just more of a story telling kind of feeling… The feel could have been stronger with a better plot, explaining the inner feelings between the two protagonists. As the movie was flagged at M18, with sexual references, I feel that there could be more as it can easily be flagged at NC16 these days…

However, there were some funny moments in the movie that were funny!!!
Overall, it is an alright movie that is passable. I can only say that the poster was very well done as it indeed make me want to watch the movie but the movie certainly could have been better to live up to its “poster” hype and interest that it has sparked onto viewers.

Happy Day to all!!! =]


Apart from other presents that I bought for baby, I specially went to make this mini photo album at the photoshop for baby!!! Its COOL!!!

Happy Day to all!!! =]

Show you all this nice picture taken by baby using one of the Iphone applications!

                                                              I love this photo!!!

I feel that the features make the photo a lot more attractive as you can choose from many designs to take the photo.
I used this picture and edited it using another application and…


Interesting eh!
Happy Day to all!!! =]

If you have noticed while reading this blog, you would have noticed that the English in many of the posts is damn “CUI”/cannot make it. Its not because my English is bad ok, its because I did not want to use a lot of time to edit the posts as if I am writing a report. I prefer to “pen” my feelings down fast and in a more casual way, which is why the English standard here is far from my actual A2 standard ok!!!

A good example will be 2 posts back I think…
I was reading it, then I saw “most properly, ……..”
I was thinking at that moment, since when did I type this…
Shouldn’t it be “most probably”?!
I always find lots of English/Vocab/Grammar errors in my posts when I read back… lol.

Anyway, time for another random moment!
I saw this picture from baby’s phone. HAHA, so I “BUMP” it into mine and decided to put it up here.
Its quite cute eh!

Recently, I am playing this facebook application/game called CITYVILLE!!!
Its been a long long time since I actually played a facebook game.
Its quite fun but annoying as the system keeps “hanging” and I will have to redo the things that I have done before it “hang”. Its frustrating at times. Hence, I played it occasionally now.
Nevertheless, its still a “quite fun” game to entertain you if you are really bored but through the game, you can interact a bit with your friends too. =)


I am waiting for April…
Not because its my birthday only, BUT…

REASON: I wanna recontract my phone line!
Tentatively, my plan is to get a HTC Touch 2 as I find it to be quite good, though everyone around me keeps discouraging me to get that model, saying how bad it is! =(
I reckon since I have Itouch, there is no need for me to spend a hefty sum on Iphone and furthermore, I can use baby’s phone if there is any applications I need…
So, I will go with HTC Touch 2…
Then, you must be thinking about Blackberry right?
I have thought about it before as well but the kepboard style keypad is the same as my Nokia phone hence, I thought I might as well get a touch screen phone that I can use in camp as well. =)

Some time back, I am very into this English song by Hedley, called “PERFECT”, thanks to my bunkmate who sings it almost everyday then…
I listen and listen and listen… From neutral –> a little liking –>listening to it to sleep for a period of time… lol.

Do listen to it but dun feel emo k. Its a nice song!!!
Here goes:

                           Must listen to it k!!!

Alright, its time to sleep after listening to the song… Hahahaa!
Good Night!


I was doing duty while the Elimination Chamber ppv was on and hence, I do not know the results and what happened…
All I can say is that I totally did not see this coming as I read somewhere that it is rumoured that WWE is thinking of inducting Trish Stratus, my favourite WWE Diva of all times, into the Hall of Fame 2011, as it is held in Canada, if I am not wrong. It also marks the 10th year Wrestlemania returns to canada since 2002. Its pretty COOL! I still remember the triple threat match featuring Trish, Lita & Jazz for the WWE Women’s Championship then and Trish was wearing a red and white ring attire, representing canada, her home country.

Anyway, my friend texted me during my duty telling me that our predictions could be right as we guessed that Christian might return and be a part of Wrestlemania. Hopefully, he wins the money in the bank ladder match this year, if there is one. I was still very thrilled about his return since I liked the idea of an Edge & Christian reunion. I wouldn’t mind a feud between the two for the world heavyweight championship as well!
I was very excited whenn Edge executed the “Killswitch” on Dolph Ziggler last month at the Royal Rumble! It wasa nice touch and indication that Christian might be returning soon and perhaps be involved to a certain extent. Hopefully, Christian gets his well deserved push and not end up being a jobber to Alberto Del Rio.
Nothing beats the next message that my friend texted me.
He told me that Trish Stratus returned as well and will be a part one of the trainers for the Tough Enough!
Furthermore, she’s involved in 2 segments!!! Hurrays! =)
I immediately sat up from my bed and smiled.
Gosh, was I excited about the return of Trish as I did not see that coming at all, not even 0.01%, although I was hoping for a Trish & Lita return and for them to be a part of Wrestlemania in some form or another.

Yup!!! Trish Stratus returns (I still prefer her blonde look better) as a brunette look, as per her previous return as a guest host of WWE RAW. She made the save to the rehired Kelly Kelly! She was wearing high heels to wrestle and given the fact that she has retired for so long, there is bound to be some ring rust, hence the botch up for the stratusphere move. It was speculated/rumoured in some websites that a Trish/Kelly vs Laycool match could be in the works for Wrestlemania this year!
That would be AWESOME!


Of course, I would still prefer it if it were to be the dream team of Trish/Lita vs Laycool
or Trish/Lita vs Beth Phoenix/Natalya!!!
Anyone agrees?
I guess Eve could be in another program with Gail Kim and the Bella Twins. =)

                                                         Trish Stratus RETURNS!!! =)

In recent weeks, there has been many returns and it makes for a strong wrestlemania this year. I still remember discussing with my friend about how weak the card of this year’s wrestlemania is going to be, given the match predictions at that time.

It has changed since…
With the return of huge stars such as The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, Stone Cold, Trish Stratus, etc, Wrestlemania is nna be EXCITING!!! I always look forward to wrestlemania!

Happy Day to all!!! =]
(PS: I am hoping for a Lita return as well, anyone feeling that???)

Doing duty now…
I guess I am craving for some nice food!!!
Fried Wonton would be nice…
Get me a bowl of rice too!

                                                                YUMMY YUMMY!!!

Happy Day to all!!! =)

Its pretty late at night now and here I am blogging as I am on duty AGAIN tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHA!
I am atually alright with doing duty as it is quite fun and beats being in camp where arrows are shooting everywhere these days  lol.

Baby came over to my place this early morning after her work and I was sleeping then hence, did not have much energy to chat with her… I slept at 6am and she came over at 830am like that. Haha…
Reason I sleep too late?
I always sleep very late!!!


I went clubbing for the first time the day before, then again, maybe not.
I shall elaborate on that in another post when I have the time…

So, I had an enjoyable day with baby at HOME!!!
After we wake up from our nice sleep, I ordered Pizza for lunch and its really YUMMY as both of us were very hungry then… lol.

                                                               Baby’s Iphone Wallpaper that she designed!
I made one similar kind of design for her for Valentine’s Day as well. Look and compare!
Here goes:

Mine was done at a more impromptu timing when baby is sleeping…
Baby’s was done during her free time for her wallpaper lo. Its not for any occasion. RANDOM!
Personally, I feel that the one that baby designed is nicer as the photo was quite plain before the designs were inserted. =]

                                                                More Pizzas!!!!!!

Actually, we ordered garlic bread as well, BUT, it was in our stomach after 5 minutes from the time we started eating! =)

All in all, its a wonderful day today!
Happy Day!!! =]