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Posted: January 31, 2011 in Birthday
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I need a good rest now… I am feeling so tired Haha.
I just came back home from baby’s 21st bungalow chalet… It was a good stay there as I feel like we are in a holiday resort. I went to my bunkmate, Ben’s birthday party last friday and did not sleep the entire night as we went to Ktv after that. After a few hours of sleep, I rushed over to baby’s party on saturday afternoon. It was in a “super super” hurry as I really is in a “lack of sleep” kind of mode then…

I went to collect the cupmakes that she ordered before going to her party. It damn ex, S$1 per piece and I waited half an hour in the rain for the cab. Tsk!!!

But, all of it is worth it after I tried the cupcake as its super duper nice. (though a bit too sweet)
Below is a picture of us taken from her 21st photobooth!!!

ZZZ!!! Off to rest for a while from the super rainy and busy weekend!!! Booking in tonight somemore…


Finally, I have come back to camp…

But that’s alright, because this is the 100th post of the blog entries. Haha!!!
I didn’t realise I have blogged so much over the years already. Lol.

I am starting to get the feel for this coming weekend, whereby I will be attending my campmate’s birthday party as well as baby’s birthday party. Baby has hired this photo booth that costs about S$400 and initially I thought that it was the polaroid camera kind of photo booth but after clarifying with her just now, it was actually something else.

It is a booth whereby guests can take pictures at this special machine (I think) and there will be people around to help (I think) and there will be photos for you to take home as souvenirs. Its something like a neoprint kind of machine where you can choose the design but its also something like when you reach the place and you will walk through a “red carpet” like in award ceremonies… This is the rough idea. I have to see the actual product to know what and how the service actually works. *Interesting*

I finally got reply from Chao today…
I actually saw an article online from our internet source in camp about the things that he is doing overseas and it seems fun. I think I might have seen him in one of the pictures but I might be wrong too.  So, its good to know that he actually received my messages and that he is doing well over there. =)
I kind of miss him already! (Buddy buddy kind la tsk)  Faster come back will you buddy, I wanna go sing k with you soon!!! =)

I also got the news that Ning and her Benny are going to attend baby’s birthday celebration this saturday. At least there will be someone arounf that I a more familiar with but I believe I will be able to interact and know more of baby’s friends this saturday. =]

I also saw 3 video teasers of Rui En in her upcoming drama, A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城, and she is so so so cute. The character that she is playing is simply adorable. I guess many people will like her even more after seeing the new drama. Hurrays to Rui En. Her acting is improving and hopefully she will earn herself the best actress award that she deserve, soon.
Below is the teasers that I saw from BaguaTV, which I think will be shown on Tv soon:

The cute RuiEn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to sleep le. =)


Well, its 4am now yet I am still awake surfing the net. Its probably not a good thing but since I am awake, I guess I should do some thinking. I was browsing thru the wordpress posts and I came across this feature that asks us to participate in a Post-a-day or Post-a-week kind of program to encourage one to blog more often. This is something interesting but perhaps I will not join in for now, maybe later…

There is one topic in there that asks, “How do you define “FRIEND”?
I suppose many people have different interpretations of the word “FRIEND” and different kind of expectation towards their friends. Hence, this is a interesting topic to discuss about as its quite sensitive at the same time, since people seldom talk about these “closer” topics these days, as relationships tend to be more “on the surface” kind, which is not a good thing.

For me, FRIEND is a person that have to exist and everyone will more or less have to come across many kind of friends but only a certain type will “click” with them.

I feel that a friend is someone that you know, and communicate well with. He/she is someone that you will think about and interact with at different stages of your life. They are also people that are very difficult for you to maintain contact with, as people tend to forget their “older” friends when they move on to another stage of their life when they get to know newer friends. It is more of a cycle thing and that is the reality of life. =( sad to say…

However, there are also those friends that people keep in contact with and would meet up often to have some fun!!!
It really takes effort to maintain a friendship and effort for people to really understand their friends andhow they feel. Even if people knows how their friend are feeling, they may not actually show it out due to people being more conservative nowadays. Whoa, I can only say that as a person matures, their perception on relationships would change, hopefully for the better, that they will start to appreciate things more and realise that they should not take many things for granted, including their friends.  

I guess friends are buddies that are always with you when you need them and vice versa, and those who are part of your life in all stages of it – A more general and correct answer. =)

Good Night!!!
Have a happy day ahead!!!!!!! =]

This is pretty random but I find it amusing. I was actually planning to meet cousie last tuesday for lunch but ended up cancelling it due to the technician coming over to my place to fix the Mio-Tv.


I still met up with her in the end. We met for dinner with Ben at Mac and its great as I have not taken dinner then so its good to have someone to have dinner with me before booking in to camp. =) 

Anyway, I guess I should be sleeping now but I am not. I am feeling so tired yet I don’t feel like sleeping.
Perhaps, I should have went out with my friends just now instead. They seem to be enjoying themselves singing. =)
I so wanna go sing k. Hahax!!!

I think I shall have some good rest tonight after two days of night duties as I will be super busy tomorrow. Many people’s birthdays are coming up, baby’s as well, and hence, there are a lot of things to search, plan and do. I shall be executing my plans tomorrow and it should be sweet, though after doing so,I will be tight on budget this month again. lol.

Not many people know that I am actually quite good at wrapping presents. I actually acquired this skill while I was working part-time in Popular and I really feel its very beneficial as I am able to wrap presents personally for people who will be receiving presents from me. I very that wrapping presents personally is a way of how you can show your sincerity. Below are some of the presents that I have wrapped previously, though they are not the “nicest” as these are the only pictures that I have.

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My 3 Holiday Trips in 2010!!!

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Holiday
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Well, since I did not meet up with cousie in the end as my Mio Tv at home is damaged and I have to stay at home to wait for the technician to finish repairing it just now, I have a lot more free time today and can book in slightly later. Hence, I shall blog about my holidat trips last year. I guess my enthusiasm for blogging with die off soon again bahx. I think its the change of blogskin that increases my feel to blog more these few days. Otherwise, the blog would have become “dusty” liao. Haha!!!

I did not manage to go to many places. Its basically somewhere near Singapore but I enjoyed myself as I have not gone on a holiday since year 2007 I think. So, I went for three last year. Haha!
I went to Genting in Sept with Chao, followed by KL with baby in Nov and finally Batam in Dec with my Army friends. All in all, I bought quite some stuff there and enjoyed myself a lot but if I were to choose, I would have gone for the Genting trip again as I enjoyed that most, out of the three, due to many reasons.

Below are some photos from the trips:
(The pictures are all jumbled up as I am still trying to figure out how to separate the photos into different slideshows. Tsk!!!)

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Here is another update.
I went to do some window shopping just now and guess what, I bought a lot of things. Zzz!!!
I just so happen to enter this shop and end up trying clothes and buying some of them in the end. I just enter Giordano to look-see look-see also can buy some boxers and socks that are both on discounts! The socks are so worth it los. Its selling at 5 pairs for S$20 due to CNY promotion as opposed to the usual 3 pairs for S$15.

There are so many colours to choose from compared to a few years back when I was working there. I chose a pair of every colour except for a blue that looks about the same shade as the blue that I have already chosen and pink as I simply cannot bring myself to buy and also wear pink coloured socks. lol. The boxers are also very cheap. Its only 3 for S$20.

I think I sound like an uncle now, but in the spirit of an auntie but its really worth the price. I guess I shouldn’t go window shopping so often. I didn’t expect to “bump” into anyone I know and since the shopping centre is very near my house, hence, I just wear very “sui bian”. Its machiam my home clothes but still can wear go out kind. Its the baggy berms and oversized t-shirt.


I actually met my cousin at the bus-stop while I was waiting for the bus to go to the shopping centre. OMG!!! She actually thought it is some uncle until I called her lo. Tsk!!! -_-”’
Luckily I didn’t bump into anyone else but it felt strange when I was trying out the clothes as I think the sales people must be thinking I am that kind that just try the clothes but won’t buy that kind of customers. I can only say the set of “home clothes” that I wore just now was quite “unglam” as it is not really my style of dressing nowadays.

Well, I have transferred most of my entries from my to this blog as I have decided to use this blog as my main and permanent blog. Hence, I will not be using the blogspot as much but I may still go and post something once in a while (though I doubt so).

I was reading through my older entries and I realised some of the traits of my character is still with me, surprisingly. All the little little traits that will cause me to get angry seems to remain there though it may happen in a different context these days.

My next few off days will be a busy one for me as I will be going window shopping again and also to buy some birthday presents, as I have mentioned earlier, as somebody’s birthday is approaching. Hahahahaahaah!!!
Although this is pretty random, I suddenly feel like typing this, I love you baby!!!

I also find twitter to be interesting, though I use to find it boring as I do not really understand how to use it. After exploring it thoroughly recently, I realise there is so much more to it as I can actually know what my friends are doing and even the celebrities. They might even reply to your tweet and caught you by surprise as you really did not expect to receive a reply from them. =]

I will be meeting cousin Ning tomorrow during her long break timing in between her lessons, for lunch and perhaps some more of window shopping. lol. After which, I should most probably be booking in.
I really hope this week will be a better week. Please be good to me people and pay more attention to my needs and wants. Hohoho!!! Remember, I am just a simple guy that is easily satisfied. =)

Good Night!

Recently, I realise I have a lot of impromptu likes & dislikes, like blogging, twitter, the feel to go to sing k (very strong feel) lol. Omg I know this is super random but RuiEn is so cute, I can’t help watching the drama on TV as I am trying to type this. Haha!

As for dislikes, there is nothing much actually, its just to add it as a contrast to the title. =p
I feel great today. I guess its gonna be how I am going to feel when I ORD. The life of freedom, of doing the things that I want and love to do. I am so gonna pursue my interest once again after I ORD for a few months for the satisfaction of it, whether it is a success or not. I guess I will not have to fret so much about so many stuff as I will then not have so many things to think about as I will interact will lesser people.

That would mean that I will have more time for myself and more time to meet up with baby as well as my friends. I can finally sleep well in the comfort of my house everyday, unlike in camp, where I cannot fall asleep almost every night.
Nevertheless, I hope that I will be even happier after going back to camp, and feel happier and happier each week as I am nearing to my ORD date.

I guess I shall keep myself busy these few days as there are a lot of things that I have to do but I have not done yet as I am lazy and that is not good!!! Haha! Hence, I am so gonna go out later and settle some stuff, like buying birthday presents, shopping for some stuff for myself (before I spend away my allowance again, oh no).

Oh and I really have the feel to go and sing karaoke. Haha!!! Looking for people to jio me to go la, as not people will sing songs that are near to my genre except for Chao I guess. Hohoho!
I am so looking forward to ORD as I will be able to prepare for university and go pursue my interest for a few months. (Hint: Eg. Going for some auditions to gaim some experience and some money at the same time) I guess baby is going to feel moody for a while again Haha but I know that she will still end up supporting me for that in the end as that is my interest. Yay! Thanks baby. I love you lots.

Meanwhile, I am going to spend mylife happily, though it may or may not be easy depending on my surrounding people and myself. Hopefully, I can overcome it. There’s pretty much nothing I can actually do about it  as I can only adjust myself as I cannot expect others to adjust themselves to qian jiu my style but I would not mind if people are willing to. I look forward to going to baby’s birthday party too, as I shall be the cameraman for that night (though she has already spend money to hire a photobooth for people to camwhore with her the entire night). Hahahhahaaha!!!

Alright, its about time for me to go out and get some presents for people as many birthdays are coming up and I hope it will be a surprise so hopefully I can find something nice and suitable. =)
Cheers to a carefree and wonderful day for me today!!!
Booking in tomorrow but I shall remain happy, at least for the maximum number of times that I canbefore I emo again. Hope I won’t be emo this week. Zzz!!! This is a short week for me as I will be booking out on friday but booking in for duty again on sunday. -_-”’

Thats the end of this entry liao la. Byes!!! =)