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FUNNY!!! Real funny!

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Funny things seem to happen when you least expected it to happen.
Who would have known that it is so toturing to spend a day so uoset with someone extra around…
I guess things happen for a reason, no matter what they are.

There must be a reason why I will do this and why I will do that.
I just knew that I have tried to communicate and since its no longer beyond my control and my character just does not seem to be able to tolerate that, I just have to activate my defensive stance like how an ordinary human being will. I just hope that I can remain happy and things will get back to how they are. I really dislike how some things are now as I feel disgusted. It sucks and I do not have a great feeling about it. In fact, I feel like puking at the thought of it, even after a night’s sleep.

However, I feel great today as I spent quality time at home doing whatever I want and have sufficient rest before I go to work again. Needless to say, I will have to face the problem yet again but no one seems to understand so, hopefully there is at least one good human being out there who can feel that same way and link with me for that matter. Nevertheless, at least I know I will have a better week next week and wash away all the bad and unhappy things that happened, if any. Hell, I feel happier even when I clean the fans, etc, in which I do not usually feel. Damn it!

Like I say, when one door closes, another door opens somewhere. When I do not feel concerned somewhere, there seems to be another force somewhere that knows and concerns from another side will just come and that makes me feel a lot better. At least I will know that no matter what happens, there will always be some people that cares about me. You all know who you are, I have no need to say further.

Anyway, something real funny indeed happened. I received a reply about an audition that I sent in last year (Feb 2009) and I received a reply recently that I could sent in my details for any suitable roles and that filming work starts next week. I would have felt very excited last year but since I am stuck at work now, it is impossible for me to attend. =(
This is the second opportunity that I have missed already, since enlisting.
I guess I will not have time to focus on such interests when I start work after NS in the future as serious things are meant to be the priorties. Baby must feel very comforted to read this right?! Hahax.

Since its been a long time since I last blogged, I shall make this a long one.
Life has been alright for me as I feel that the tempo of things have slowed down and maintained at a constant rate. I am used to everything and the life that I am having now, punishments or not, Happy or not, quarrrels or not, having to face people I like or not. I just hope for everything to be better, that I can communicate better with people that I want to, though it difficult, and for people that I do not wish to communicate with, to simply get out of my sight. I have said that I am a person that do not like enemy so I would rather treat everyone as friends. Even if I say I hate a person this minute, I may start to feel differently after something that a person has done. A little gesture makes a lot of difference for me. I would say that I am a person that is easy to get along with but after you know me, it is almost quite sure that I will have a dispute with you before everything goes back to normal again.

Many events have happened…

Birthday parties of friends, relatives, my 21st birthday party.
It had been pretty fruitful. I have had a great 21st as its been a long time since I organised a birthday party, especially since I decide to have one just two days before my birthday and I start to plan and send out invitations ust the day before. Probably the reason is due to it being my 21st and some inspirations from cousin to organise a party.


I also spent my 3rd anniversary with my baby. Though it could very well have been just another day, I really enjoyed myself, with her company. I made her a present that even I myself feel that it is one of those romantic presents that anyone can give as quite a bit of effort and good memory work is required. As for what it is, I shall not reveal it here… Hahax.

Back to my usuals…

The shows that I am focusing on recently is Bai Quan Nu Wang. Initially when I knew they were going to show this show, I was a bit bored as I would normally prefer to watch a hong kong tvb drama. Surprisingly, I “fell in love” with watching this show as the story progresses. Its very very nice and funny. I really liked the Shan Wushuang character played by Yang Jin Hua. Though her character might not be the best, I really liked the chemisttry betwwen her and Ethan Ruan as they made for a great couple in the drama. Its been a while since I really liked a Taiwan drama.

As for the hk dramas, I am still awaiting the debut of a funny comedy with myolie wu, as well as two great dramas that I am looking forward to that stars Charmaine sheh. LOL.
As for the locals, I look forward to the Rui En drama whereby she is a policewoman. I am not so into TV shows nowadays, after I have enlisted as sometimes I do not really have the time to keep teack of all the shows. I even missed some episodes of the previous two Rui En dramas but I did watch the last episodes too. She is really becoming better and better in the protrayal of the different roles.
Wrestling wise, everything is not bad as I mainly focus on the divas matches and some main storylines. I do not have that much time to simply watch the entire episode of raw, smackdown or PPVs, that I could have done a few years ago, when I am more into the wrestling scenes.

All in all, I just hoped that life will be better and people that I care for will care for me, and people I hope will treat me better can treat me better, and that I will not quarrel with anyone so easily, though I can sense some of them coming. NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!

Hope to meet up with Chao soon. Its been a while my good buddy, as well as others.
Not forgetting about my baby too. I love you.

TIME FOR DINNER!!! Forget about disgusting people and think of good things. I really am happy to be able to be who I am now. To be happy and unhappy when I want and not to be a facade of another person and act like someone of another character. I am who I am. Boring or not. Cute or not. Interesting or not.

Hurrays to a better week.
Happy Day to all. =)