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A new update in the new year!!!

Posted: February 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

After taking a super long break from blogging, here I am blogging again on chinese new year eve Hahax.

Happy new year in advance to all.

I just cleared the drama, Beyond the realm of conscience, just last week. It was fantastic. One of the nicer dramas that I have watched. Looking forward to more good dramas coming up. Quite looking forward to watching the new movie starring many hk stars.

Life has been good and I am used to it. Hahax.
I had a good cohesion yesterday, with good lunch and happy outing. Went for singing session, after that, I had dinner and bought some things before going home. I went to get some CNY stuff at night and fell asleep while watching wrestling Hahax. I guess I am too tired and not used to sleeping so late, since I sleep quite early nowadays.

Looking forward to a wonderful new year in a days time.

Meeing up baby soon. Miss you.
Happy Valentine’s Day in advance too. =)