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After a one day delay, I managed to watch “Laughing Gor 之变节” in the cinema. At least, I am able to enjoy a good movie before I enter the academy, oops, I mean army camp. I would say that the movie wouldn’t be as nice if you did not watch Emergency Unit (学警狙击) as some parts are linked.

It is because of 学警狙击 that there is “Laughing Gor 之变节”.
“Laughing Gor 之变节” is the prequel for 学警狙击 as it talks about the life of Laughing before he serve “Tin Gor” and “Hao Gor” in the drama. I feel that the movie was nice as it really kind of relate to the drama, which makes it more nice and fun to watch as I really enjoyed watching the drama. This is one of the better movies that I have watched and the main reason would be because of its relation to the drama. I feel that if I did not watch the drama beforehand, the movie will not be as nice as I wouldn’t know why Laughing is so popular.

It s nice to see Ron and Sammul’s appearance as it brings back memories from the first and second series. The addition of Fala into the movie was also great and refreshing. Hence, I am really looking forward to watching 学警 part 4. Meanwhile, I will go into “The Academy” to train up and do my best too.

Something about the movie that can be improved on would be that if the movie was played in its original voices (cantonese) and not dubbed, it will be so much better as Laughing is called “笑棠” (chinese name) in the chinese version. It would be better if they just refer to him as Laughing, as that is what we know of him in the drama. Nevertheless, the chinese version is still great and the movie is definitely worth watching, more so if you enjoyed watching 学警狙击.

Alright, I shall end the entry here and prepare the things that are needed in “the academy”. The background songs are updated with other titles. Hope you all like them. 学警/Army –> The fighting spirit and determination is good in a positive way. Jia You.


I can do it!!!

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Well, it is very dificult to use a certain word to describe the feeling that I have now. Its beyond words… I know that this could be a whole new experience. Although this is something that is new to me, I will persevere on and try my best to do whatever I can. I must have the confidence. Jia You.

No matter how tough it gets, I must get through it, I will bring the spirit of the 学警雄心 with me and of course my confidence and all and do a good job. I know that it will make me more mature. I will not cry, although I feel a little emo…
So, small sis must jia you also. Do not be beaten by the environment, you can build yet another successful department.

Its going to to tough but so long as we have the determonation and faith, we can do it. Baby will also have to jia you and try to overcome all obstacles that come your way and prove that we can do it and be the best.

JIA YOU. Although I am not going to be a police in this case and it is army, it is still similar in terms of training. The 学警 spirit is still applicable. Never give up!!!

I can do it de… JIA YOU.

Everything goes well and that will be the best. =)


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Hahax. I will be going to army very very soon, in a matter of a few days.
I feel neutral to it now though.


I am looking forward to something.


That is to watch “Turning Point”, also known as “Laughing Gor 之变节”.
I read some reviews or comments online that some references from EU, Emergency Unit (学警狙击). For example, the coin by Laughing Gor, etc. There is also an appearance by lead characters in the drama, Ron Ng and Sammul Chan. I have recently just finifhed watching EU. I practically “chiong” to finish watching the drama as I wanted to watch the Laughing Gor movie as it is a bit linked. Hahax.

There is also appearance by actress Chen Fala and other actors, not forgetting the main cast in the movie.

I am so excited to watch the movie. I am going to watch it tomorrow afternoon.This could be something to make me feel happy, at least, before I go to army.

I will share my thoughts on the drama some other time if I have the time but if I do not talk about it, you can ask me too. Hahax. Basically, the 学警 series is very nice and I look forward to watching the part 4. =)

Alright I shall end my entry here.
Before that, I wouldlike to thank all my friends who helped me in giving me tips on what to buy for army enlistment and telling me the things that I need to bring.
Good Night.