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After a long update previously, I am back here with another update.

I have changed a new theme for the blog. Enjoy.
I went swimming yesterday night and it was indeed crowded as people were swimming horizontally instead of the normal 50m direction. I guess the reason is because there was too many people in the pool and also that it was a weekend.

Anyway, I went to northpoint to buy food for dinner and as I was approaching the us interchange, I saw cousin Ning and Jun Hao. I said Hi to them by waving at them and asked if they were leaving but apparently, they were not. Hence, I left to take the bus as I did not want to disturb them. It was only later that I knew from Chao that Ning was crying at that time. Stay happy alright. 
I did not meant to put Hi as the heading as I did not know what title to put. As I typed on, I realised that it coincidentally linked as I mentioned that I said Hi to them by waving to them (Ning and Hao).

Thats about all for this post. Do take a look at the previous post if you have not as it was recently updated.

Good Night.



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Hi all, I am back with updates again…

I am going to army soon. Nervous yet excited yet sad yet happy… Mixed feelings.

Arggh!!! Budget again, after today’s outing…

The outing…
I went to watch the Jack Neo Movie with Chao today and it was quite alright. I found the third story particularly touching, as compared to the first two. I had wanted to watch the Final Destination initially but the ticket was quite expensive after the 3D pricing and weedend pricing as it was after 5pm. Furthermore, Chao kept on explaining about how gory and disgusting the movie is going to be. Hence, due to the many reasons above, I decided not to watch the movie. I thought the trailer was quite nice but due to the gory content and of course, mainly the price on weekend, watching the movie is a no-no today. Hahax.

We went to eat at a coffee shop after the movie. Chao had recommended a noodle known as Ee-Mee, if I am not wrong. He really liked the taste of it. Ju recommended that to him so I suppose he liked it too. AFter trying it, I do not really like it (Don’t feel guilty) as the noodle is a bit rough and the taste of the powder is quite strong. Perhaps it is really tasty to them. =)

Alright, I do not want to mention this but since I recall that I will type this, I shall include it here. Chao actually hit me two times with his cap (Gosh, we were wearing the same cap today, it looks so strange) and the “best” part is that he pushed me aside in the train and occupy the “near the door” space that I was supposedly already standing. Hahax. You are feeling guilty now right? Its ok, I will not take it to heart. Perhaps, I will hit you back next time. Oops… Hahax.

We went to PizzaHut for lunch and I ate the chicken nepolitan pasta and it was good as usual but the soup served today was indeed very special. Instead of the normal mushroom or cream of chicken soup, they offered vegetable chicken soup. When the soup was served, I thought that it was very “chinese” and not westernised food. The soup is clear in colour and had vegetables in it and Chao said that it was celery. There was chicken and carrots in the soup too. The soup tastes very “chinese”. Hahax. It was quite nice but I feel that cream of chicken or mushroom soup will go better with the pizza or pastas, as an appetitzer. Perhaps, it is an introduction of a new soup type. It was still fine however.

The Misunderstanding…
Earlier in the afternoon, Chao was playing in the arcade and I went to the washroom. When I went in, the uncle was there cleaning the place and I thought that the place was occupied, hence, I stood there and waited for the uncle to finish the cleaning but when the uncle came out, he told me in a “not so good tone”, “why couldn’t you use the other compartments. You cannot see I cleaning meh?”

After which, I washed my hands and I accidentally dripped the water on the floor. It did not occur to me normally but I will take note and improve on this the next time. Immediately, I felt “oh no”, after which, I whispered “sorry” in a super soft voice in which I believe the uncle did not hear me say. As I was walking out, I could hear the uncle say, “Tiao Gang eh” (It means “purposely one” in Hokkien dialect). I was quite upset then but it was just a misunderstanding but it seems as though I was creating trouble. I am alright now.

Baby came over yesterday and it was great. I love you. Your post was very good. Its good to know that you enjoy working with your colleagues and that you are happy to meet me. Its been some time since you posted a happy post like this. Stay Happy and positive alright.

Alright, I shall end the entry here. Good Night.

The Lyrics.

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Alright, I am back with updates. Happy right?
Have something to read yeah!

Somehow I realise I did not blog for only two days but it seems like a long time…

Why the title?
I went to Party World Ktv with Chao on monday and it was fun as I got to sing many nice songs, especially 选择我. It should be in 繁体字 but its alright. I thought of singing 同窗密友 but the song is not available. Perhaps, it is a new song.

We were singing 少年. Baby is quite into this song recently. Anyway, when we sing till '那是我们都回不去的从前', I somehow could not hit that high note. Sian. I guess I need to practice more… Hahax.

After listening and practising the song 明天以后 umpteen times, I can sing the male part with the flow. Yeah! I am fine with both chinese and cantonese version. Hope someone knows how to sing the song too then we can sing duets together. Same for 丑得漂亮.
Chao says he will listen to 明天以后 and learn I think… Hahax.

Alright, I shall blog till here for now. Good Night.


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Never expect me to blog so early in the morning right?

I had insomnia last night. Like Ning that day.
I did not sleep the entire night. This is the first time I did not sleep the entire night.

I tried sleeping at two plus but somehow I was very energetic. Hence, I decided to listen to music. After listening, it is 5am so I decided to sleep. Yet, I am still energetic. I am so angry at that time so I went to call baby as she is working morning shift today.

It was great to hear her voice as I felt very happy just to hear her chat with me just now. I love you baby.

I went on to watch television after that. I watched 大小爱吃 on Cable TV and it was quite funny and nice. =)

After which, I had a strong breakfast, which consist of ‘YouChaKuey’ and SoyaBean Drink. Hence, I decide to blog now while waiting to watch Doraemon later. Its been some time since I woke up so early. Hahax.

I am feeling full yet a bit giddy.
I guess I will be sleeping the whole afternoon. After reading this entry, you can forget about calling me in the afternoon and evening as I probably will be sleeping.

As I am typing this, the sound of the renovation works has begin………..

Anyway, I watched 胭脂水粉 last night as it was quite nice. Hope that it will get nicer and nicer to watch, but the ‘politics’ in the show seems very strong. I guess that should be the selling point of the show.
Do catch the show if you are free.

I feel like going to sing. Hahax.

Happy Day to all.


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Sorry for the bad mood from the previous post. I am feeling a lot better after watching a nice video of a wrestling match. It may not be the best match ever, but it did entertain me as I liked to watch matches with good wrestlers.

I have figured it out and decided to give ourselves one more chance and control our temper. We must do it.

As for Chao, sorry I was in a bad mood, hence the comments. Partly, its due to the things you say. I do not know the significance of saying certain things.
Anyway, everything is alright now.

My advice is perhaps tolerance. We can be at bad moods at times but to give and take is perhaps the best thing. Still, its better to be more sensitive at times of what people are saying.

I know you will call after reading this. It will be kind of strange so better sms if you want to contact me.

I can understand regarding your bro’s mannerisms. Perhaps, you can discuss with your family and him amicably. He is very polite when I called the other time.

That is about it. Nitex.

You love me more than I love you?
I love you more than you love me?

Why must you keep meeting your friend?
“I cannot even meet my friend for supper?”
You stay so far from me, how am I suppose to instantly ask you to meet me?

Is it due to jealousy or is it that she is worried. Is it my fault or her fault. It does not matter. I am tired of it. Since I can never make you happy and my meeting my friend will make you unhappy, what do you want me to do…

I am just me. You are giving me attitude every other day. I can start off with a happy mood and end up getting angry because of you. Since you are tired and sleepy, why is it that I cannot ask my friend out just for a supper. You yourself say that you will let me meet my friends after the mac meal with them, seeing that it is better than I meeting other girls…


I do not understand.

I am tired… I need a rest…

Is one month enough?!

Relationships are just too complicated…

Even friendships.
I do not know what is happening.
I read Chao’s blog and understand that he is feeling upset too but I am like a sandwich between grilfriend and best friend. I do not know what to do.

I believe its the case for JH that time too.
I did try to meet up Chao too. I met him sometimes although I may be reluctant to. I know that is the case for him too and I appreciate it.

Its not that I do not want to go exercising with you, its just that I feel very cooped up and have no freedom with so much things tied up packingly together for me to do everyday. Plus, I did not buy the membership for the gym too. You too, did not want to go with me the last time I signed for the membership remember. I think I am not in the right mood. Its a good thing no one calls me now otherwise they are going to get scolded for nothing.

Perhaps, like what you say and many others say, She really loves me more than I love her. Does it mean that just because of one comment that others say, you can always use it to say me? I really do not understand this logic.
I am quarreling everyday with you about little little things that I do not want to. I can start it off happily but you seem to always give me the unwanted attitude. It may be my fault at times but you are at fault at times too. It takes two hands to clap.

As for Chao, perhaps if Ju is not in army, he will be the more suited to be your exercise partner, seeing that he is of a more suitable person. You may be more fun with him and other friends. I am just a boring person who like to watch TV and all. I do not like to go out or anything so everyone can just leave me as it is.

Like what Baby says, all I care about is the TV TV TV, what more can I say.
I do not know what to say. I feel so confused.


I just want to cool down and rest.

After reading this post, it will be good that no one calls me as I do not wish to say anything about this. Sorry in advance to those involved if I sound too offensive as this is how I feel. Chao, hopefully you can succeed in your exercising. You sure can. Go to those who can give you advice.

Good Night.

I just received a msg from Baby that she is sorry and asked me to enjoy my supper. The problem is not just between going for supper or not, I do not know. I did not even ask to go eat supper with anyone. I just merely mentioned it and I get attitude for nothing. If you are worried, you can say it in a better tone and I will understand. I do not like to take attitudes.
The more force you use to treat me, I will do the same. I can get quite bad tempered too.

Alright, I need tor est and think over matters. Nitex.

Rest Time…

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Hi, since its rest time now after some television shows, I thought I would give some updates.

Basically, I had a good rest, sleeping till about 4 plus before I officially woke up. I am feeling sleepy again Hahax.

I am looking forward to watching the seven o clock show and the shows after that. Baby just ended work not long ago. I think Chao is watching a movie alone, if I am not mistaken. The movie is, ”District 9”.

Alright, I better go get some rest first.
Happy Day to all.