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I just woked up not long ago but decided to blog. I was thinking of going for a jog later, should I?

Well, I guess this post will be rather boring as I have no idea what to discuss about. Hence, I shall share some of my thoughts on one of the drama that recently really make me want to watch episode after episode, even though I have watched the series about two times.


Here goes…

Its: To Grow with Love.

Its really a very nice show. Kind of remind me of baby and me. Fatty Tian is so cute in the show. So long as there is love, trust and confidence, any couple can overcome any obstacles, right? Giving up easily is not an option as relationships should be cherished. Hopefully cousin Ning understands.

Its quite a funny show too. Baby likes to watch it as well and she wants to be a wedding planner too, as she wants to work in a place that can allow her to think more and be happy at the same time. Personally, I feel that this is one of the meaningful, interesting and challenging jobs.

Other drama shows are nice as well, such as My Buddy, etc.

Alright that is about it. Thanks for reading.
Hopefully you all are getting used to the song played as I could be changing it again. Hahax.
Happy Day ahead to all!!!
Miss my baby Teresa. =)



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Sometimes I really feel that it is not easy to think of a title for my blog post. If you were to realise, the titles are always about the same, with “updates” or:surprise, etc. Anyway, I am not going to discuss about this any further as it is pretty late now to discuss on such a topic.

Well, I met up with baby this past sunday and we had pizza hut food, like drumsticks, soup, garlic bread and of course pizza for dinner. It was a nice meal. I met up with her just now and she is much more energetic today than on sunday. I guess it is due to her work. I bought her chocolate to make her mood better. Hahax.
She bought me a polo t-shirt for me. Thanks baby, I like it a lot and really appreciate it. Looking forward to our picnic trip. =)

I have been meeting Chao quite often lately and I believe baby is jealous. Hahax.
Baby went for dinner or supper with her colleague till about 2am as well and well, I have trust in her and vice versa, so we will not be angry with each other about that.
We have to work hard to maintain our relationship, so does everyone who is in a relationship. Jia You.

Anyway, the results for one of my auditions is out and as expected, I was not selected for the main role.


This is not something to be very disappointed about as the role is of a “gangster” kind of role but I would not mind of course if I were to be selected. Anyway, I landed myself in another role in the same film instead. It is just a minor role and I will have to shave my head. Its no big deal right? I just have to treat it as though I have an earlier look of how I will look like when I am in army. Hahax.
Hopefully, my other auditions will bring me good news as I will not be able to go for other auditions, given the restriction of my hairstyle, if I were to shave for the film.

Looking forward to going to the MJ Competition with cousin Sam this coming sunday. Hahax. Too bad Kevin is in army, or else he would have go as well. We always go for the competition together. Looks like I will have to scrimp more as the competition registration fee is S$XX (Secret) Hahax.

Jia You cousin Ning. Do not be emo anymore alright? If you really need some stress-relieving sessions, you can ask Chao and me out for supper and Chao will surely make you laugh. Cheers!!! All the best.
Like I always say to baby, stay positive.
You have to stay and think positively. Being an optimistic person is better as you will be happy everyday. Jia You.

Its been quite a long entry and its already 4:04am as I type. I shall end the entry with some photos taken from the shoot last week.
This is a trailer for a channel 8 TV Program, slated to be shown in mid-august.

(Baby do not be angry or jealous after seeing the photos ok? I know you won’t as we have total trust in one another. =) Do not worry. You are the best girlfriend. I love you so much.)

Stay Tune people…

Enjoy the pictures!!! (Credits to QJ for the photos)

Updates again!!!

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I am back with updates. I had some disputes with baby again but everything is alright now.

Opportunities are coming my way and that is good. I had a fun day today and it was definitely another good learning experience. =)
I will post the photos some other days when I feel like it or perhaps I may not post the pictures. Hahax.

I met up with Chao for supper or rather dinner, for me. After which, cousin Ning came to join us and we chatted for a bit. I am so glad baby and I are alright now. I just want to let you know that I care. Hope you understand. Love you baby.

I am blogging with my new phone. Yeah!!! So that is how cousin Ning usually blogs, which means that she will not be able to listen to the nice songs of the blogs. Hahax.

Alright, I shall end the entry here. Good night.


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After one week of being on hiatus, I am back to the blog with some updates.
I had a busy week. I went swimming, shopping, watch Harry Potter 6 (HP6) movie, meet up with baby, etc. It was a fulfilling week. Chao and I met our ex-classmate, Alvin and it was nice catching up with him and we watched HP6 together with him as well as Ning and Qian Ru. Its been so long since I saw Qian Ru as well.

Its been full of coincidences in the things that I do recently, and I do not know how to explain it either as it s mind of unbelieveable.

Well, I feel so relaxed recently when I look at the sky, especially at night when I stare into the sky, at the moon, the stars, and breath in the fresh air. The feeling is awesome. It really cools myself down and make me feel so happy.

Anyway, I just found out that my poly classmate is actually the ex-colleague of my cousin, Samantha. Hahax, this is interesting.

Well, I slept at 3am last night but it was around the usual time that I slept so that was not too much of a problem. In the end, I was very tired and sleepy at work, or rather moody. I had a mini dispute with baby last night and it really affects me as it is always the same issues again and again and it is really making me very tired but it is important for us to overcome this, so giving up is never going to be an option.

I told myself that I was sleepy today at work and that I was not affected at all as it was a small issue as usual but somehow my mood was switched to auto “moodiness”. Hence, I stayed moody for the rest of the day. Today was also the day that I worked the hardest as I packed the department neatly and arranged the whole shelving to make the titles to be more easily located or user-friendly. I did some pricing and some paperwork afterwards and I really worked and worked. I have no idea what has come over me today but somehow, I subconsciously know that that was the thing that I have to do at that moment so that I will have something to occupy my mind.

As baby is working to day as well, so she did not reply my message and she clearly forgotten about my question to her as she did not make any replies about it as she would usually do as she tends to forget about the “attitude” comments she made the previous night. She is always apologetic and more fresh in the mornings.

When I went for lunch, I was really tired and simply wanted to rest or find someone to talk to but I was really echausted then. Anyway, at the very right moment (once again another coincidence), this song that has the lyrics “爱还在” started playing and at the moment, it was like a reminder of all the things that I have been through with baby and a reminder or wake up call for me. What is more of a coincidence is that this song seemd to be telling me not to give up and the main point is that this is the favourite song of baby. What a coincidence. Anyway, I always believe that all decisions lie in our hands and we should control our destiny. Thus, I will think it through as well, even after all the clues or coincidences. My colleague even guessed if I quarreled with my gf and I said no but perhaps it waa a bit of it I guess. Hopefully I did not serve any mystery shopper today as my service is not at my best. Although I still served the customers and provide all the information that I would normally give, it was kind of difficult to smile at all times today. At times, I even feel a bit frustrated. There was also a balance of emotions when the children that I serve make my day as they are very funny and cute. I had three customers, who are kids of course, calling me uncle today. Normally, all of them would addredd me as “gor gor”. I guess I must have looked very tired today. I do not mind the children calling me uncle as calling me “gor gor’ sounds a bit strange sometimes as uncle seems alright. I also like the term “gor gor” of course. This is so typical of me, always contradicting what I want to say. Hahax.

Currently, I am feeling great and a little sleepy. I am over with all the issues. I will be with baby no matter what and same goes for her. Hopefully she will be able to think from my perspective as I have my own set of “complaints” too, just like her. Hope she will appreciate the things that I have done for her and not complain too much. Sometimes, I really ended up in a bad mood after having a conversation with her, as she really has a bad mood at night, after a long day of work. Hence, it is much more easier to communicate with her in the morning and noon time.

There seems to be a lot of things to learn about relationships, be it friendships, etc. Sometimes, I really do not understand a lot of things about my friends, etc. It makes me wonder about this and that…

Anyway, Congrats to my cousin Ning for the reconciliation with her bf. Hope they will be able to cherish their relationship and not give up easily as breaking up is not just two words, it is a form of responsibility. Hope you are looking forward to starting school on monday.

I have to work tomorrow, so I guess I better sleep soon.
Love you baby. Lets work together towards a better future.

Hope my auditions will pay off as well.
I want to buy a lot of things, which is why I am working one more day this week. Hahax.
Good Night to all.
Thanks for reading.

Check this out.

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You must be wondering what I am referring to right?
I am actually referring to nothing. Hahax
I just thought perhaps I should start with a more catchy title after a week’s “no show”.

After typing the past three sentences, I paused for quite some time as I was chatting with baby. Hahax.

I do not have the mood to blog already, after the rest. Well, shall end the entry here.
Happy Day ahead to all. Working tomorrow. Jia You.


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Had no intention to blog initially but I just realised the music is not playing. I think perhaps it is due to the video being taken down. Coincidentally, the song that is taken down is the ten o clock show song and the drama had just ended too. Hahax. It is about the same timing I suppose. What a coincidence.

Anyway, I changed the song to one of my favourite songs of all times, 選擇我. Hahax. It is a “must sing” song at ktv for me I guess. Hope all of you will like it. There is a video to watch too. It is about the drama 律政新人王II as the song is the theme song of the show. The drama was quite nice too. I have watched it some time back.

I will be able to meet baby soon. Miss you baby. It feels odd when baby is not around, although she is only away for a few days. I am not going to say what Elijah or Arabella said about the something is missing “thingy” but initially it really feels so. Anyway, I am glad that she will be back and hope she is enjoying herself. looking forward to my present from her. Hahax.

Readers, do not forget to check out the previous post too, if you have not. Till then, Happy day to all.


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This is the Gingerbreadman cookie that baby got for me some time back but I did not eat it, as I kept it somewhere. I just saw it last month and it had “rotton”, so I have no choice but to throw it away. Nevertheless, I still took a picture of it as it was a present from baby. I like it a lot and appreciate it. Thanks. Have fun and relax baby during these few days of rest.

I do not have the mood to blog about any entries now so I will share this long awaited video of cousin Ning and Chao playing childishly, saying that it was fun playing together. Hahax. It was indeed fun. Yeah!!!

Arggh, the video cannot be uploaded. Never mind.
Happy day ahead.