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It must be quite surprising that I am blogging at this timing. Hahax.
Initially I am supposed to have swimming lesson but did not go in the end due to some personal issues but everything is fine and alright now. No worries. Yeah!!!

Actually, I accompanied my father for medical checkup. My mother went as well. Everything is fine so no worries. I am so happy.

Anyways, I felt the medical centre or hospital to be quite familiar when I reached there just now and upon entering the building, I realised it is exactly the place where I did the filming for
“Your Hand in Mine”, especially so, since the building looks the same in all storeys. I was quite surprised though. Hahax.

A few days back, I received a call from the production company for a role that I auditioned for earlier and I was asked if I was willing to cut my hair short if I was chosen for the role and my answer is of course yes. Hahax. I thought, since I will have to cut my hair short when I go to army, I will not mind cutting my hair earlier. I really hope I will get the role as this will be consider a breakthrough for me, I guess. =)

Well, I found another auctioning website to buy things again Hahax and the prices are cheaper than the previous ones that I mentioned and the items are the latest as well. Hahax.

I think I will be meeting Chao tonight perhaps, for supper and meeting him tomorrow for a short badminton game and followed by lunch. Cousin Ning is unwell. Hope you will get well soon. Drink lots of water and by friday when you see your baby, you will be fine. Aww!!! (Quoted from her blog, since she loves to use this word so much)

I think I will be starting my exercising plans soon but before that, the first thing I would like to change is to sleep early and wake up early. This way, I will be able to better follow the exercising plans. Hahax. I still have a lot of drama shows to catch up. Jia you.

Baby is working now. Hope she is working ahppily. I miss you dearie. You are so cute.
Aww!!! (Once again, to quote cousin Ning) Hahax.

Till then, Happy day to all. =)


Huge Updates.

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Before I start on the entry, here are some photos that was taken during baby’s gramdmother’s birthday party at a restaurant near East Coast area. The theme was “Hawaii”, so I was asked to wear casual or beach wear. Hence, I wore my usual polo t-shirt nand bermudas there. It was a bit odd initially as there were people who wore much more formal as well. I should have wore jeans instead but it was alright. All in all, it was a fun night at the party.

Alright, back to the updates.
I had a busy week and did not have the urge to blog. This explains why the blog has not been updated for so many days. Hahax. It has been quite some time since I played badminton but there is no strong urge to do so either, except the moment after I finished watching the badminton game on television last week.
I went swimming with Ning and Chao last week. Thanks for accompanying me though they volunteered Hahax. I met up with Chao occasionally and Chao met up with Ning occasionally and so on and so forth. The cycle goes on and on…
I finally met up with cousin yesterday after a super super super long time, as the last time I saw her was last year, I supposed. I had a great time yesterday but my tight budget is tighter now so I have to save and work harder. I watched “Ghost of girlfriend’s past” with cousin Sam yesterday and I must say it was funny yet touching. It was a direct 360 degrees opposite from the other movie, “The taking of pelham 123”, that I watched with Ning and Chao last week. It is understandable though as both movies are of different genres. I would prefer the first movie as “The taking” is somewhat similar to “12 rounds”, though I prefer “12 rounds”.
Just before meeting Sam, I ate two bowls of rice. Hence, I was quite full when we ate Jia Xiang Mian. I did not take the photos though as I did not thought of it at that moment. The food was nice but I was full. We ordered the noodles each and a bowl of fried wonton. I tried the curry flavour while Sam tried the original one. After which, we went shopping around and settled down at Ben and Jerry for a long chat before watching the movie.
I ate a cone ice cream (Cookies and cream). It was pretty good but the cookie was soft like a bread and it makes the taste special as it is actua;;y quite delicious. When I told Sam that the cookie is soft, she said,” You think this is Oreo Mcflurry meh?” Hahax. I thought it was quite true as I am more used to eating that. Both have their own “delicious points”. Cousin ate a tub of ice cream (Same flavour as mine). The staff asked her if she wanted to heat the ice cream up. Hahax. That was very funny but the reason is because the ice cream is very hard. After knowing the reason, we realised it was quite logical but cousin opted not to heat it up. Moments later, we saw someone sitting next to us eating a tub of ice cream that is heated up and the ice cream leaked out the moment the person opened the ice cream but I doubt it was very soft though. Nevertheless, the ice cream is still very nice. =)
Below are two of the photos we took yesterday:

Nice photos. Nice smile. Cheers.
Note: Most of my female cousins have gold hair.

Me and Cousin Samantha
After the movie, we continued with the chat and cousin told me about the cartoon, Shinchan that she watched and I thought that it was very funny. I have always liked to watch that cartoon and last night, I specifically went to search for the show and the scene that she mentioned to watch and indeed it was very funny. I had a great time yesterday. Thanks. We shall meet again when we are free. =)
Below are some photos that I have been wanting to upload but do not have the urge to do so.
Here goes:

New hairstyle of baby. So cute and nice smile. Love you baby.
Below are some photos taken during the outing with Ning and Chao about one week ago.
Chao bought a checkered shirt and we did some shopping. I did not take any pictures of it but Ning certainly did, when we were trying out the clothes in the fitting room.
Do not be mistaken. I mean after we wore the clothes in the fitting room, we opened the door, then she took the photos. Hahax.
(Photos taken during lunch)

Yummy! Free flow of drinks.

Nice food and reasonable prices.
Cousin Arabella or Cynthia or Elizabeth
Ultimately, its still Cousin Ning. Hahax.
Ah Chao Buddy
I did not managed to take photos at our PC show trip though.
Alright, I shall end the updates here today. I cannot believe I took about an hour to type this entire entry. This should made up for the times that I did not update the past few days.
Happy Day ahead to all.


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Alright, finally some updates.

Cousin got angry with me because I did not answer her question. I was actually thinking of answering her after I finished with other questions as I am not very sure as to when I am free too, as I need to confirm with baby’s roster. On the other hand, I am worried about any last minute auditions, that is why I am unable to confirm the dates. Sorry cousin Sam. Mini misunderstanding. Be happy, don’t be petty over little things like this alright. =)
I will let you know once I know the dates.

I went to meet baby yesterday and sent her to work after that. She is back to the reception so work is more tiring. Jia You baby, I will always support you. Loves for you.

I had a badminton session two days ago with Ning and Chao in the morning but it was tiring and not really that fun as it was played outdoors. Ning came late as she overslept and Chao went back home to pass motion in between the game. I was a bit tired too as I had a mini dispute with baby the previous night but everything is alright now. I went to some auditions and hopefully I will get the roles. Looking forward to hear from them.

Well, I am seriously going to be in super tight budget. I need to get more projects or jobs in hand. I went to the PC Show with Ning and Chao today and it was quite crowded I must say. I bought a mp4 player at a cheap price of S$65 and a thumbdrive at S$27. So, “Budgeting” is on the way. I have finally collected the whole set of Mac glasses. Same goes to Ning. One more to go for Chao. Hahax.

More and more friends are going into army and this makes me nervous. Hahax. I guess I shall make the fullest of the time now before going to army.

On a side note, I received my things that I bought on _ _ _ _ already and it came at a relatively fast pace, taking about one to two days for the arrival of the stock. That is very fast and efficient.

I am wondering if anyone knows how I can transfer drama shows from CD Roms to my mp4 player for easier viewing?

Till then, Happy Day ahead to everyone. Thanks for reading.

Excited and Nervous.

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Well, I went to work yesterday and things are about the same but I got a RuiEn poster Hahax.

Anyway, I went out with Cousin and Chao to Marina Square and we had C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ A_ _ _ _ _ _ _ for lunch and it was very worth the price and after which we went shopping. Chao bought lots of things and Ning bought a rectangular shaped R_ _ _ _ _ brand bag. Both Chao and I bought a dumbbell set. Hahax.I guess I have to starting to train soon as the countdown to army is nearing.

I went for an audition for an upcoming variety show two days ago and hopefully everything will work out fine and I get the role. I will be going for another audition for another drama and hopefully I will get the role. Nevertheless, I will try my best to do a good job.

I am quite into E_ _ _ recently and I had tried to purchase some products there but I got outbid in one of them by just five cents. Its quite frustrating but its alright as this is how auctions are meant to be. 正所谓,不到最后一个关头, 还不知道鹿死谁手. Hahax.

Had a good day today. I shall chat with baby tonight again using my newly bought webcam and mike. I may go swimming or play badminton with Ning and Chao tomorrow morning followed by meeting baby in the afternoon. It all depends… Planning still in the process.

Hope all my auditions will be successful.

Good Day to all.

Well, JK and JH, both entered army officially yesterday. I am quite curious how they are feeling now but obviously they are sleeping right now. I guess I will have to get back to them some time later as they are going to be quite busy.

Anyways, its back to budget and budget. Hahax. I gotta earn more money and at the same time feel happy. So, hope all my auditions will be able to bring fruitful results for me. Will work in store as usual on a weekly basis too. Anyway, I went out with Chao today to swim, followed by lunch at cayseway point. I went to meet my classmate Fen after that for dinner. We went to
T_ _ _ _ B_ _ to eat and there there were some customers complaining but it was all a misunderstanding. The customer complained about the staff, so Fen wants to compliment the staff as she thought that her service was quite good.

I am so happy. Happy 2nd year anniversary. I had many ideas to plan surprises for baby but in the end I chose something that I knew she would love. I ordered a bouquet of purple roses and had it delivered to her house in the morning and I know she is really touched by it. Its great to know that she appreciates it. Anyway, she made me a very touching video with our photographs and soothing background music. Good job baby.

Baby got me a Webcam as well and I tried using it just now but there was no mic so we could not communicate but at the very least we could see each other.

Nice jobs and jobs come come come …

Till then, Happy Day ahead to everyone, including myself. Hahax.