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I just received a small role for an upcoming short film but only as a waiter. I was hoping for a better role but the auditions has ended. Well, perhaps I can use it to gain some experience. I will do my best. Yeah!

I was hoping to earn some money so that I can save up plus use some for entertainment perhaps? Anyways I will be getting a copy of the completed film Hahax. It should be quite a good experience.

Well, it was quite a tiring day working today and nothing interesting happened. I feel tired but in actual fact, I slept for about eleven hours the previous night.

By the way, I just updated about two days back alright, Ms Arabella Lim, also known as Ms Carefree?! I was just kidding.

Till the next entry, good night to all.


Busy week.

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I had an enriching week I must say. I had swimming lesson, graduation ceremony, badminton and table tennis games, birthday celebrations, etc. It was indeed a busy week for me. I will be playing badminton tomorrow with Chao, Jah and Ning. I am playing badminton quite often nowadays I must say. Perhaps, I am finding it a nice sport that I enjoy, at least for now.

Here are some photos taken during my graduation day:

(Shall only post the photos with me alone, Hahax)
At the Convention Centre.
Outside the Convention Centre
Below are some photos taken at the Mj competition last sunday:

Getting ready for the competition
Nice Scenery outside the function room
What a nice scenery
Alright, I shall end the entry here.
Hope cousin Ning you are feeling better ok. You must stay strong. If you really still love him, you can make the first move too since both of you are just being obstinate. Jia You. Just stay true to your feelings.

Busy Busy…

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I had a busy weekend this past week. I can finally rest tomorrow.

I went to Elijah’s graduation ceremony last friday with cousin, followed by a badminton session with Chao. I went to work yesterday and went for the Mj competition today (Sunday). I will probably upload some photos if I have the time.

Recently, I am starting to empathise with Ju as sometimes, I can understand why he is angry but it is not that I am saying Chao is wrong. Perhaps, it is just the way he is influenced or thinks.

Anyways, I am going to have a busy week ahead after Monday… Hahax.

Below are some photos taken last Friday:

I feel calm and good.

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I have thought it through after all these things about friendships happening and
I have really 想通了.

I think its about time I care more about how I feel and less about how others feel as people will not always treat you the way you treat others. Although I will treat people the same way as before, I will be more straightforward. If I am unhappy with you, I will not think too much. Instead, I would just not be bothered by it and just laugh it off.

So what if there is no compromisation…
So what if your principles are changed, even character for that matter…
So what if people do not remember what they say to you…
So what if I am not as good as others, so long as I feel I am the best, I am the best…
It is easy to defeat others but at the end of the day, it is you who should convince yourself…

All of these are just minor issues. I will just be happy and not care about this anymore. If I do not feel like going out or chatting with you, I will tell you right away. If I have no wish to meet you I will just let you know and vice versa, no matter how close of a friend you are to me since I did not receive any form of replies too.

Its going to be difficult but I guess I will learn as people change as they grow up.
Is it called taking for granted or simply the person is a back-up, all of these are no longer important as at the end of the day, it is you yourself who feel happy that is of utmost importance. There is no use caring for people who do not take you seriously. I will slowly think about that.

At least I know that there are still people who cares about me, my family, baby, cousin, relatives, small sis, friends, etc. That would be enough. 这样就够了.

Is it easy to make one person feel happy. I have no answer to this as everyone have different ways of being happy.

To me, having a meal with baby or spending time with my family can make me feel happy. I will feel happy even if it is playing a nice game of badminton with my friends. I will be happy if I had a nice day working and chatting with my colleagues.

However, my emotions can be easily swayed as well, especially if I am affected by others.
Like what I mention in my previous entry,I thought I would be playing Table Tennis with Chao tomorrow morning first followed by meeting Elijah and Ning for badminton but that was not going to be the case. Chao thought that I had askd him to played badminton in the morning as well. He misunderstood it. Hence, he said, “I not playing Tennis”, referring to Table Tennis. I know that he does not have interest in Table Tennis as all but I was really happy yesterday and looking forward to tomorrow as I will be having a Happy Day. I even bought the Table Tennis set after knowing that there is someone to play with me tomorrow. I am honestly upset and disappointed about it. I have always thought that best friends would compromise with each other sometimes, like giving in to the other if they want to play a certain game.

Although I had asked him before some time ago whether he wanted to learn Table Tennis, I am not affected by it even if he say he does not want to as I know no one will want to spend money to learn something they have no interest in. That would be a total waste of time and money. This time round,I really thought I could have a good Table Tennis game with him. I am really affected by this so I do not even feel like having lunch with him. I even thought of not going to play badmonton as a whole although I really wanted to. Anyway, Elijah has already booked the court so I will still go and have a nice game with all of them.

I was actually thinking if I were to buy just one racket and asked him if he wanted to buy one so we can play together, he would definitely reject it flatly. In fact, I bought the whole set so there was no need for him to fork out anything and he can try playing something new. Perhaps, he may even have an interest in it after the game. You will never know that you like to play Table Tennis if you never tried it. If it were to me, if he were to ask me if I wanted to play a game of pool or something I do not like, I would have agreed. This reminds me of what he said the other day about Ju having to “see first” as he do not know if he can go to Chao’s place (free space at his place as the tenant just moved out) to stay for a few days.

Like I say, I am really disappointed when he did not ask me, especially when he says these are opportunities for best friends. Perhaps, I am just your ordinary friend right?!
Lets say if he ask me, I would have rejected the offer to stay there as I am not very comfortablt with staying at other people’s place. That is also the reason why I do not stay at baby’s place and vice-versa, like some couples do.

In addtion, he also mentioned that if Ju were to stay there, thery could go to the town to catch movies and play and to eat something and all of those will require a sum of money and at the moment I do not want to spend so much money as well. That would be my reason of refusal and not because I am not interested. If he had any interest and I know that he had actually bought the whole set and asked me, I will agree even if I do not have much interest in it but it cannot be something like scuba diving as my swimming is not that good. I am really upset about this. I guess I am still bothered by this issue and this Tabot Tennis issue had increased the diasppointment.

Perhaps if it were to be someone else who asked him, he would agree. Perhaps I am no longer his best friend. Perhaps he is no longer the Shi Chao that I once knew.Perhaps he has changed. I am really disappointed. I feel the urge to cry but I will not, its just the urge like you watch television dramas. Is this the feeling of being hurt by your best friend? Have you been hurt by your friends, especially best friends before? I do not think I feel hurt. Instead, I feel disappointed and upset. Perhaps, our friendship is not that close after all. I really have no idea.

All that I knew is that as (referring to Chao) you said that others around you have changed, perhaps for the worse, you yourself is changing also. I knew your character has changed to be even more stubborn or is it self-centredness. I really do not have any idea. I would have asked a few more times if you wanted and try to persuade you in the past but now, I will not do so as you are not the Chao that I once knew. The Chao that I knew it definitely not like this as I knew you will flatly reject which makes me even more upset and perhaps a bit angry at that moment as well.

Are you reverting to your secondary four’s “for fun” character again?

Have you really changed?

Even Ning feels that you have changed as well.

Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?Have you really changed?

I miss you baby. Perhaps you are the only one, apart from my family, that really cares about me. Are you?

I definitely hope so.

I feel alright and better now. No worries. I am totally fine again.
I shall end the entry here.


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Firstly, I would like to let you know that I will support you no matter what. Hope you can treat this as a learning experience and to increase your knowledge. Going back to reception may be tough for you but it could be a way to train you and to prepare you for a more firm and better standing in the company as you can be in charge of all aspects of the operations. You can do it. Have confidence in yourself Teresa. I love you.

Moving on…

Work was fun today. It was a bit boring initially but after a while, it gets more interesting as my colleagues become more chatty in the afternoon and I am not that bored. I am in the stationary department today and _ _ _ _ treated me quite well. She is quite friendly and nice.

Anyways, things became more intersting after an incident in the outlet that seems to be a small issue turned big. Hahax. I am not going to reveal it here as it is quite a long story. All I can say is that everone have different perspectives to things happening and to what is happening to them. They may not like things that they see but certain things can be resolved easily. There is really no need to fuss over a small issue. If someone makes a mistake by placing items accidentally in “your territory or rather 地盘”, you could have just returned it and not make it a chance to create an issue again. Well, it only makes things worse although it is quite an intersting at times I must say. Can I say it is entertaining or am I amused by it? Perhaps I am just happy that my day at work is not dull and bored.

Let me talk about two day back. I was the only one in the assessment department, Although it is not a very good “thing”, I would say that I had a very fulfilling and satisfactory day as I did a lot of things on that day. Not only did I serve customers as usual, I actually did the stocks for quite a few suppliers although I was not exactly instructed to. It did indeed lightened the heavy workload to be done today as no much stocks were left to be completed, as least those that were in the “hurry” list.

I got to know my colleague better today too as there is more communication then I expeted as I do not expect to chat so much with certain colleagues. I guess it is a good thing.
I realised that the company is “having a budget” and hence, part-timers do not really have to work too many days, which means that salary wise, we cannot expect to receive a lot. Hence, I am entertaining this thought to make an early resignation and find another higher paying job but I really enjoyed working in the store as it is really very fun although sometimes I feel “draggy” to have to go to work. Upon working, I will feel happy and realise that work can be fun at times as well.

I guess I will have to wait and decide later…

Anyways, I bought a table tennis set today so I am looking forward to playing it. Hahax. Any volunteers? I have decided to play it on Monday with Chao followed by lunch and finally to join Ning and Elijah to play badminton, followed by a nice dinner. After which, I will meet Teresa baby on tuesday to spend some nice and happy time with her. Do not be upset by the transfer. You will always be the best to me. You definitely have the potential. The higher-ups can see that. So, all that you can do now is to do your job well and stay happy. Basically, just be yourself.

I guess I shall end this entry here. Good Night. Happy day ahead to everyone.

The Announcement.

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Alright people, I guess its time for me to stop keeping all of you in suspense. Its kind of boring after quite some time of “disappearance” in the tagboard. I could have continued with it and I knew Nail Filer will believe it but it was kind of boring after some time though. So, I am the ultimate winner. Yeah!!!

Here goes…

I am the creator of the nickname Nauy. Hahax.
Jun Hao is quick to point it out. I have always feel that this could have been a potential nickname for me to use and others will not be able to find out who I am as well Hahax.

Moving on to updates after the major announcement…

Well, after the sunburnt the other day, my back area is of course not painful anymore but the skin is peeling in big pieces. It is not pain though. So, I guess I have to wait for it to slowly recover back to its original skin tone.

By the way, I was watching 破茧而出 this past Monday night and it was the last episode. It was very nice as every scene is very impactful. Although it was a bit sad, there were some touching scenes as well in the drama. Do stay tune to the 9pm show title, My School Daze, as Rui En is in it.

Below is the rainbow that baby and I saw while we were in the boat ride. What a beautiful scenery and rainbow of course.

And now…

I shall post some of the photos taken recently…

Stay Tune…

Here goes:

Alright, I shall end the entry here. Good Night.

Happy Day Ahead.