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To add on to my previous entry, I would like to stress that I am not angry any longer. I guess the more appropriate word to describe how I felt earlier on is frustrated and annoyed. I feel alright now as I understand it from his point of view, as he does things in the first come first serve basis. Furthermore, planning the time in a useful and meaningful way is good too so I have no problem with that. Chao, I understand it from your point of view, so I would like to let you know that I have no problem with that. =)

For me, I would rather do it in the order of importance as I feel that we need to prioritise things. I do, however, do things according to the first come first serve basis, on a case by case basis.
However, I understand it from his point of view that it is more fair that way.

Alright, see you guys later. Hope we have a fun and enjoyable badminton game. Cheers!!!



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I went for swimming class just now. Jk had something on so he did not join me today.
I improved on my frog style today. Yeah.

Anyways, cousin planned to meet me and Chao for dinner at Mac but I suddenly did not feel like going due to some reasons. After swimming, I felt relaxed and got over with the issue. Hence, I decided to go to subway with them but cousin met her dear dear already.

Chao actually guessed it right. I am angry because of some reasons but he did not get the main points right though. I am not angry because he is meeting Ju or whatsoever. The main reason is because I just do not understand why is it that he will plan to meet others for dinner when we have said to meet in the afternoon. Isn’t it known or common sense that we may play a little later sometimes or go somewhere else perhaps. I understand that he has the discount for the meal to think of, but he could have planned it on earlier dates since we are already meeting on thursday afternoon. Anyways, I am over with that issue. Its just the planning of dates and views on timings. Hahax. Anyway, cousin is also meeting her dear dear, so I guess I will go home for my television shows Hahax as I hav to work from Friday to Sunday. Its better to have ample rest.

Good Nights everyone. Hahax.
This is for you baby, I love you. =)

Sounds familiar.

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I changed the backgroud music. If you were to recall, this song is the song that I blogged about a few posts back, whereby I added two videos of the song (YouTube) files.

I shall start off with the cantonese version.
I will change it to the chinese version some time later.
Stay tune.
Credits the background songs to iwebmusic. =)

Its a happy moment Hahax.

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Finally, the song is playable. It seems nice to hear the song play on the blog, as with better in time in cousin’s blog. This has been bothering me last night. Hahax.

I went out with baby today and had a wonderful breakfast at MacDonald’s. After which, we went to her place and shortly, she had to report to work. Hence, I went home. Initially, I wanted to go Amk to catch a movie, followed by going to store but on second thoughts, I decided not to.

Star Awards 2009 was amazing. Its nice to see Myolie Wu appear as a presenter for the award, as was the other presenters. It would be awesome if Rui En was able to attend but its alright as she is performing for Singapore Day in London.

I watched the first few minutes of “My School Daze” on Demand TV as I had some spare time this morning and I must say that it was really nice and interesting. I look forward to watching the drama on television when it airs tomorrow night.

Recently, I am also quite excited about watching “Maiden’s Vow”. I never expected it to be so nice initially but it was really a drama that is worth watching. Charmaine looks very good in the show as well.

I am not too sure if we will ultimately meet for Badminton as all our timing somehow clashes. Chao can only make it in the afternoon, since we specifically told him that we are meeting in the afternoon so he made an appointment with Ju for dinner. What a busy friend I have Hahax. Well, cousin is only available in the afternoon if I am not wrong and her Dear Dear is still on attachment. As for Elijah, I believe he has class in the morning, so he will be available only in the late afternoon. Well, I guess there is a high chance that we may have to postpone the badminton game.

Quick updates.

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Alright, I received my enlistment letter and I am set to go to army this coming September. The other day, Chao came to the store all of a sudden, which caught me by surprise. He just handled me his enlistment letter, saying, “nah, have a look”. I was doing housekeeping then and it really caught me by surprise. So, I called home to check and realised that my enlistment date was in September as well. Some of my classmates and friends are enlisting in June and that is kind of early.

I thought it would have been better if there are more familiar faces going to army with me. I guess I will have to go to army in September. On second thoughts, that is good as well, as I will have more time to prepare for it. Even if I were to enlist earlier, there is no guarantee that I will meet friends that I know. Hence, enlisting in September is after all a good thing.

I will be meeting baby tomorrow for breakfast Hahax. The badminton game with Elijah is postponed till _ _ _ _ _ _ _? I guess we have to plan the date again, since Chao is also not free tomorrow.

Elijah, are you going to invite other people to join us for the badminton game?
If yes, who is it?

Why is the background music not playing?

Here goes.

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As mentioned earlier, I will post the joke from Elijah’s blog.
Here it is: (Credits to Elijah)

Guy: Yes! At Last. It was so hard to wait and I’ve been wishing for it all these while..
Girl: Do you want me to leave?
Guy: NO! Don’t even think about it.
Girl: Do you love me?
Guy: Of course! Over and over!
Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?
Guy: NO! Why are you even asking?
Girl: Will you kiss me?
Guy: Every chance I get!
Girl: Will you hit me?
Guy: Huh?! Are you crazy? I’m not that kind of person!
Girl: Can I trust you?
Guy: Yes…
Girl: Darling~Lol..

Reading it from the top to the bottom seems alright.
How about reading it from bottom to top then.

Lots of things to say.

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Well, let me start with something light.
Ning and Chao, this one is for you two: I notice Chao had a tan-line on his forehead. So, Ning and I kept playing with him with some funny jokes in which I do not think I will type here as I am rather sleepy actually.

Let me start with the topic male at work after these two days of work: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ also known as _ _ _.

I really do not know whether to say he is good or bad or even to the extend of funny. His mood is always changing. Two days ago, we had a second episode of the journey of the changing of the light bulb. In this case, it was not the light bulb that requires changing, it was the casing of the light that needs to be taped more tightly so that it does not fall and hit someone by accident.

From what I knew, he asked his subordinate _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to ask me to tape the light casing. Initially, I thought my colleague wanted me to help her but in the end, I realise its him who asked me to do it. I thought it was a waste of time since I found it difficult to climb up the ladder to the third flight the last time, so what is the point of asking me to do it again. He could have done it himself. I still went ahead with the taping and I managed to tape the casing back in, while standing on the third flight, with the help of the highlighter stand to have some support as the lighting is right at the pilot pen display.

However, he was quite polite and funny at times and made some funny jokes and conversations. Well, thai is not the main point. He is only my colleague, so I do not really care too much whether he is good or bad. Most importantly, is he does not come and provoke me, nothing is going to happen to him.

As for today, he kind of became very slack and is “eating snake”. He spent most of his time chatting with the promoter. My colleague suspected that they might have something going on between them. Hahax. It was kind of funny though.

Somehow, I had a feeling that he did not really like my colleague _ _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _ _ also tried to avoid him.

Anyway, today I was suppose to have lunch with him and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. He went to cut his hair during lunch and asked me to take away chicken rice for him. After which, he came back for lunch. While he was eating, he was “combing his hair here and there” and I said “You keep on combing your hair while eating, later your hair fall into the rice”. Coincidentally, the rice appeared in his rice immediately after I made that comment. Hahax. That was quite classic though.

Initially, I went to ask _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to have lunch but she said she wanted to change money forst as she was the cashier. Hence, I waited in the office. Ater which, she cam ein and left with another colleague of mine. I thought she could have went to put the money in the cashier but in fact, she left the money with _ _ _ _ _ and went ahead with lunch first. Hence, I waited in the office till _ _ _ asked me why I did not went to eat and that was when I realised she had already went for lunch. Thus, I proceeded to buy my lunch and _ _ _ went for his haircut, although the haircut does not make too much of a difference.

When _ _ _ _ _ _ _ came back from lunch, I explained to her that I was waiting for her in the office and she said she thought she saw me walking out to buy lunch. Well, I guess there could be some misunderstanding somewhere. I was a bit angry initially but after a while, I was alright and done with the issue. During dinner, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ did ask me to go and eat and called me as I heard from my colleague, so I felt alright. So, the three of us went to have dinner and it was alright.

Earlier in the day _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ was telling something to _ _ _ _ _ and I wanted to ask her during dinner but did not do so eventually as it does not seem appropriate at that moment.

One thing to note about work was that a few of my colleagues seem to have caught a flu or cough. I guess they have to take care of themselves. I wish all of you will get well soon. Jia You.
It was nice going to work although I felt sleepy at times as I slept late the past two nights. Serene went to popular two days ago and I managed to catch up a bit with her and after which, I went on to sere the customers.

One slightly incident today would be that I found an ice-cream cup and tissue papers on the shelf and I was feeling very disgusted. Why would anyone want to leave their rubbish in such an inappropriate place and it is totally irresponsible. The other day, I realised the floor was filled with something that seems like chewy gum but it was far more sticky and had a sweet smell to it. It took me a good fifteen minutes to clean it.

I guess I shall end the entry here although I still have some more things to type but I guess this should be enough for today. Do give me some comments at the tagboard if you read my entries. Thanks.