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Star Awards 2009.

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Just saw the nomination list yesterday.
All the nominees are very strong and I look forward to watching it in April.

Just a bit disappointed that Rui En did not get into the Best Actress Award. I thought she did quite well. But I guess there is still chances next year.

Life after exam is relaxing yet stressful… Difficult to explain.
Recently I am into 2 dramas, being Survivors Law 2 and of course moonlight resonance. Looking forward to watching E.U as well but I dun really have the time and energy to watch so many episodes in a day.

Looking forward to working this Sat… Dunno how will that be after not working for so long. Later everyone become a stranger to me Hahax.


Graduation soon.

Posted: February 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

I am about to graduate soon and army life is awaiting me.
I guess it has been a good 3 years in Sp for me. I think I will
miss the times doing role-plays, chatting with my friends.
Thank you my friends for “accompanying” me Hahax.

I think I will miss the good times, even during quarelling times in projects…

Thank you my groupmates and my BD Mates as well… and other year 1 friends…

Whats with this getting emo… I have to study for my exam. Guess have to start planning
the next class outing soon.

Looking forward to holiday and of couse spending happy times with my family as well
as baby.

Stay Happy.
That is the most simplest thing in life to stay positive and happy
about things I guess.
Gotta start on my maths now.