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Posted: June 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am now at dar’s house studying and she is slping after a long days work so I shall not disturb her. I guess I am typing extremely soft now. Looking forward to eating the fried kway tiao she cook later. Hahax. Gotta continue with my studies. Its gonna be a busy week ahead Hahax.



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Dar just told me she had shortage once again while working. Hmmm wonder if she should realli change jobs since it is so stressful. There are so much office politics there and the people are so biased then I think maybe can quit liao. Have to be extra careful when doing cashiering and since the ppl there are not good u have to be very careful and see that they do not take ur money from the cashier. This kind of colleagues (referring to the bad ones) like tt better dun trust them, who know they might just stab u at the back. Seems so dramatic but its indeed true. Tts is the thing abt working outside no matter where u work.

Tests/Exams are coming I guess better study hard. Hope will be able to receive calls from someone soon to offer th job that I wanted to me. Hahax.

Something funny to say cox I actually went to my cousin’s blog and tag her as your beloved and she thought I am her dear. Thought this was quite funny. Decided not to play with her so ket her know its her beloved cousin whos tagging her.

Something happy yesterday. Hahax i scored an A for my presentation although its just 80 marks borderline. I think I am too nervous also and sry Chay Ying for making u nervous as well as u have to say faster but I guess its the stress that all the first speakers have to face as the first speakers have to be responsible for the grp members presenting after them and ensure they have enough time to present. I have come across times when I had very little time left to present and in the end I have to say very fast but somehow I like to do the introduction although I know the responsibility that the first speaker have to carry. Hahax.


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Was feeling unwell just now so did not go for swimming. somwhow my heart like pump fast but now ok alr. Hahax. Afternoon after presentation never do any report so I just went home. Wanted to have lunch with SC but I think he stil in Korea. As for eli, she was with her dear and my darling just got back from work so I wan to let her rest so she have enough energy.

Luckily I am feeling much better now. Oopss xin hua duo duo kai start liao. Hahax.

Back again!!! Hahax.

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Hmmm suddenly feel like typing something after seeing that so many ppl suddenly have blog. So funny. Hahax. anyways think just stick to my routine.

Hmmm feel that reading jeanette aw’s blog is really interesting as she always has a mind of her own. She talks about some “dao li” or special phrases that I feel is meaningdul so I enjoy reading her blog Hahax.

Tmr presentation hope can score very very well. Jia you Junyuan u can do it de.